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Nostradamus C3 Q79: The fate of man affected by antiparticles at the end of the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse evokes the image of the Polestars turning point that is found in many of Nostradamus' quatrains. This provides a date setting of late in the 21st century (see my papers on Floods and Great Mutations for fuller detail). The messages contained in the anagrams relate to the coding method connected with these events. They also place the setting in both the modern era and the 16th century through the use of the term antiparticle ( ant La cite pr) contrasted to the 16th century astronomic calculation method of the equant ( quant e -et quan) an anagram of which occurs twice in the fourth line. This progression of Nostradamus' focus is consistent with the message of the first three lines of text.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Lord Fate after older anarchies simple atlas permit enter spherical antiparcticle serpentile lines
L'ordre fatal ſempiternel par chaiſne

encoders record once queens invented [u]proar ordinate rune
Viendra tourner par ordre conſequent

proud Prophet Enoch prechosen epoch era upends Chileans romp
Du port Phocen ſera rompue la chaiſne

Atlantic nautical recipients lines el-enn-em  my key equant equat[e] quantal lattice
La cite prinſe l'ennemy quant et quant
The fatal everlasting order through the chain
Will come to turn through consistent order:
The chain of Marseilles will be broken:
The city taken, the enemy at the same time.
L'ordre fatal ſempiternel par chaiſne
Viendra tourner par ordre conſequent
Du port Phocen ſera rompue la chaiſne
La cite prinſe l'ennemy quant et quant
  1. <anarchieS Lord fear laSt ><a Simple fate enter oLder chainS><chileanS order><entire Seraphical><maleS fortread Lines /aLiens><order LineS><LancaShire> <fear pit metalS inhaLeS rod parcel><enter aSpherical>

  2. <conSequent order driVen to a rune><once queenS inVent a record> <ordinate V (five) rune>

  3. <choSen / enoch's era poem-rule suPporteD> <uncodeS-Prophet Scene>

  4. <quantaL (quantum) recipientS><my equant enn e-quate ten lineS><atLantic ripenS> <Sel'en antiparticLe><particLe lines> nauticaL

1: uncodes-prophet, antiparticle, aspherical / seraphical, Lancashire,
2: prechosen, anarchies, Atlantic, rechosen, 
3: invented, inhales, fatal,
4: serpentile, Chileans,
5: consequent, nautical, fortread, quantal,
6: particle, record, quay,
7: recipients, septimal, pristine, encoders, amplest, chains (2x), Enochs / chosen,
8: invent, atlas,
9: upends, epoch, plume,
10: permit, sample,
11: rotunda, 
12: lattice / tactile, r-Leonis, emptier, metals, parch, queens, rerun,
13: attune,
14: ordinate, empties, impels / simple, order (2x), lord,
15: -,
16: preinset,
17: feeds,
18: Enoch,
19: peratic,
20: cauxe,
21: derivant, parcel, queen, Shia (2x),
22: chair, fate,
23: -.

aspherical, antiparticle, Lancashire, prechosen, Atlantic, anarchies, invented, fatal, serpentile, particle, Chileans, consequent, nautical, quay, record, fortread, quantal, pristine, encoders, amplest, chains, chosen, upends, epoch, permit, recipients, invent, atlas, lattice, emptier, metals, feeds, simple, ordinate, Lord, fate, derivant.

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