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Nostradamus C3 Q82: Minerals and meter as prescient signs of a particular Disaster.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus was well versed in the arts of preparing minerals and in this verse the ancient processes are applied to the production of metal by beneficiations ( ice Feins Antibo) using vibration ( Antibor vi) and reduction ( tour de Nic) methods applied to supercelestial ( ice Les ſaturel) objects from outer space.

There are two other important themes within this verse one of which relates the manner in which meter is treated in order to eliminate errors by the use of staves and props.

This scheme is one used by the Norse poets and in this instance it particularly relates to numeration via the distance between succcesive SS lettering in the same location of another line or verse.

The third theme is the auxillary detail that allows the date to be identified by matching to events in the future.

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

fine Saint rob adulterous niece beneficiations - allusive orbit introduce toward insane vibrations
Feins Antibor villes autour de Nice

Norse stave foreset part repeat meter parameter] err
Seront vastees fort par mer et par terre

a less true seller reset meter never prevent supercelestial prop perception
Les ſaturelles terre et mer vent propice

storms rout[e] uses ellipse as Salon synodal reurge riper norms
Prins morts trouſſez pilles ſans loy de guerre
Frejus, Antibes, towns around Nice,
They will be thoroughly devastated by sea and by land
The locusts by land and by sea the wind propitious
Captured, dead, bound, pillaged without law of war
Feins Antibor villes autour de Nice
Seront vastees fort par mer et par terre
Les ſaturelles terre et mer vent propice
Prins morts trouſſez pilles ſans loy de guerre
  1. <uNder beneFiciAtions (ore pre-treatment to improve mineral extraction)><Fine vibrAtions allusive reductioN / iNtroduce><insAne orbit liv (=fifty four) salute><touuards Fine Niece obtAins><FaieNces ruined> adulterous allies detour orbit
  2. <~Seer not forsee vast part meter part err~><profets stave parameter><vast parameter forestep><stave patter prearm forest><norSe stave err><norSe foretest vast meter part><renovates softer meter part>permafrost ventroSe forestaves
  3. a LeSs true perception tells meter err><a prop revetment (support) ell steer true Slices> <or metere prevent Supercelestial><~poLice prevent Seats rule lest meter err~><a meter err tells true ecLipSes prevent> Supercoelestial (occult for belly)
  4. <most-Printers reurge our SS synodal ellipsez (orbit interval between occurrences in same position>storms
1: beneficiations, supercoelestial, supercelestial, vibrations, perception, permafrost, forestaves, foretastes, forestaste, revetement, allusive, ellipsez, forepast, 
2: adulterous, renovates, eclipses, forestep, prevent,
3: parameter, faiences, obtain, allness, retells, orbit,
4: touuards, police,
5: obtains, ventrose, eclipse,
6: synodal, 
7: introduce / reduction, salutes,
8: iceless, storms, copier, cinder, yodel,
9: touuard, salons, Sutras / Tarsus,
10: tamperer,
11: tells,
12: forsee, sells, vast,
13: tamper,
14: allies, stave / vesta,
15: foes,
16: epic,
17: -,
18: insane, never,
19: norms,
20: patter, USSAT,
21: salute, resell / seller, tuuo, 
22: forest / softer, Tudor,
23: Simon.

perception, supercelestial, beneficiations, allusive, vibrations, foretastes, permafrost, revetement, adulterous, forestep, renovates, ellipses, parameter, forestaves, prevent, eclipses, obtain, synodal, orbit, police, introduce, yodel, salutes, iceless, storms, cinder, toward, Tarsus, forsee, allies, epic, norms, never, insane.


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