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Nostradamus C3 Q100: Explorers fight for honor and glory in the Antarctic.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is about developments beyond our century at a time when the Antarctic shelf has little ice and nations fight over its mineral wealth.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Louis age Isolde Henri hornier heir Norn regulations generate regent
Entre Gaulois le dernier honnore

Muhomeds use enn emm victory years
D'homme ennemy sera victorieux

for Crete  erotic rioter memento Memnon next explorment
Force et terroir en moment explore

wise Jews uxed producent mound acquaint rumour Jesus widens
D'vn coup de traict quand mourra l'enuieux
The last one honored amongst the Gauls,
Over the enemy man will he be victorious:
Force and land in a moment explored,
When the envious one will die from an arrow shot.
Entre Gaulois le dernier honnore
D'homme ennemy sera victorieux
Force et terroir en moment explore
D'vn coup de traict quand mourra l'enuieux
L1: <elder henri non ore rEGulations><louisa henri elder rEGent><louis Great><louis led Generate hornier norn><hoenir (Norse warrior god held as hostage) resiled outGeneral norn><on Gaul tErrene (soil) isolde heroin><elder norn Enter euloGias (holy bread)><arGue elder hoenir Enter soil>

L2: <my enn varies mohemeD uxe><mohemed men uxe victori years><yemen varies mohumeDens><vesicatory (blistering agent-mustard gas) men><my enn emm hiDeoux victor><hiDeoux victor years><my hiDeoux emm enn corrivates (causes to flow in unison)> victoria viscera

L3: <explorement of terrorist omen><next memo><omen For crete rioter><rotter ire next memnon (4th C BCE war leader in Turkey>

L4: <~Dv (505) producent ieuux (Jews) learn our dm (1500) acquaint~><Dv (505) ieuux learn aquatic mound producent><quondam (former) rural enui (Fr; dissatisfaction) uxeD><and Dv(505) producent ieuux acquit armour><Dv producent ieuux acquit rural nomad>
1: Antarctique, explorement, acquitter, hideoux, aquatic, Ieuux,
2: corrivate, acquaint, quondam, producent, pounced, viscera, hornier, vicar,
3: terrorit, explore, generate,
4: Victoria, memento, Victor, acquit, Memnon, moment,
5: regulations, outgeneral, terroire, Henri,
6: regulation / urogenital, 
7: heroin / Hoenir, varies,
8: unreal, horn,
9: resiled, rural,
10: rotter, Hod,
11: lenders / slender, ticq,
12: -,
13: Isolde, heron, next,
14: -,
15: eulogias, oil-usage,
16: -,
17: -,
18: miner,
19: reagent, tirade, teeter,
20: mound, rioter, years,
21: lender,
22: erotic, monad / nomad,
23: -.

quondam, Jews, producent, Antarctique, explorement, acquaint, hideous, aquatic, regulations, generate, Victoria, memento, corrivate, hornier, moment, Henri, outgeneral, Memnon, rural, rotter, next, years, tirade, erotic, nomad, teeter, rioter, mound.

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