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Nostradamus C4 Q16: A new process of inorganic genesis transforms a city kingdom.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Anagrams such as Deuteron (ront deue) and positron (on ſi prot) provide a link to the previous verse  C4 Q15 where an anagram for Hadron is found. Here they form a basis for creating new proteins which the production centre reticulates (t ſerue La cit) in a random fractile (La cite fr) like manner for the purpose of spontaneous generation i.e. archegony (Roy change). Other sections of the anagrams provide further information about the way Nostradamus redeploys glifs and uses Chaldeen  profiles.

The anagrams giving a frame to this verse include:

fairest user after fractile Chaldeen Tifaret belied tree fate it serve
La cite franche de liberte fait ſerue

professedly archegony seed profiles greets Wester Fascista user sedately reticulates
Des profliges et reſueurs faict aſyle

Agen use proteins rule positron report chain role
Le Roy change a eux non ſi proterue

deuterons Sweden impulsed ill descent
De cent ſeront deuenus plus de mille
# archegony: spontaeous generation from inorganic matter.
Tifaret: Sixth Sphere / Sefirat / throne of Glory in the Kabbalistic tree of life -associated with spirituality, beauty, balance, integration, miracles and compassion.
The city of liberty made servile
Made the asylum of profligates and dreamers.
The King changed to them not so violent
From one hundred become more than a thousand.
La cite franche de liberte fait ſerue
Des profliges et reſueurs faict aſyle
Le Roy change a eux non ſi proterue
De cent ſeront deuenus plus de mille
L1: <~i heed france after bile reticuLateS~><it reuSe chaldeen tribe /tiber fractiLe><france heed bile after riteS><he belied after france site ruLe><tifaret belied fractiLe serue>fainter enarch

L2: <~Seuuer reset glif faScista reDeploys~><professeDly faRsi act uueSter siege><DelayS greets profiles uSe><farsi Deplores glif uueSter see> acetylS Salacity SeDately

L3: <proteinS ruLe aRchegony><priSon route><rue poSitron / portionS RoLe><agen uxe portenSion (creep up) ruLe>Surreption (secretive action) aegean report pointerS

L4:<us Sent impulsed deuteron><milled deuteron pulsed sun><suueden centerS not impulsed><~mil (1049) suueden not leD pulsed><plus ill undertone mused> <Decent norSe duet><noted redesCent><even lupus milled>
1: professedly, archegony, portension, salacity, acetyls,
2: reticulates, surreption, impulsed, undertone, Fascista, fractile, sedately,
3: Positron / portions, Tifaret, Suueden, delays, bereft, Aegean, stay,
4: profiles, Chaldeen, belied, seuuers,
5: redeploys, deplores, misled, 
6: fairest / Sefirat, centres / centers,
7: spun,
8: descent, Farsi,
9: fainter,
10: deposer, egrets / greets,
11: pointers / proteins, decent, Lupus,
12: Deuteron, fiats, lays / slay, neuu,
13: refit, seuuer, coy,
14: prison, glif,
15: foil, furs,
16: -
17: mill,
18: reroute,
19: tribe / Tiber,
20: spin,
21: -
22: porter / report, fate.
23: -.

professedly, fractile, archegony, reticulates, proteins, Sweden, sedately, impulsed, Positron, Deuteron, undertone, bereft, Fascista, delays, Aegean, stay, Tifaret, Sefirat, centers, misled, spun, Chaldeen, glif, profiles, Farsi, descent, belied, redeploys, new, prison, refit, sewer, foil, fate, coy, report, reroute, Tiber, mill.


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