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Nostradamus C4 Q18: People are culled on the basis of their genes.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Within this verse Nostradamus set down a specific part of the purge of people whose gene lines are considered dangerous by its rulers. The anagrams show that this particular event relates to Girona and Castile  in the north of Spain. The anagrams make it apparent that it it is about fate via the immortals and Moiras (Greek fates) and it deals with mortalism and the powers of moralists.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

resettled uses false Castile sects select pulsed letters stressed useless fascist elects
De plus lettres deſſus les faits celeſtes

powers use Norse patron prince reasonings censoring regions Girona organise prowess transpose operant neuroses
Seront par princes ignorans reprouues

puniest dissident ditches edicts chasses its chastised memos selects stupidness
Punis de dits chaſſez comme ſceleſtes

times Moiras
[and] Aeolus arouse torrentuous torrent woes immortals mortalism emit a mortal moralist atomism 
Et mis amort la ou ſeront trouues

# Aeolus: ruler of the winds in Greek mythology.
# Moiras: three Greek Goddesses of destiny equivalent to the Roman Parcae, English Fates and Nordic Norns.
# Girona and Castile: Important locations at each end of the northern border of Spain.

Some of those most lettered in the celestial facts
Will be condemned by illiterate princes
Punished by Edict, hunted, like criminals,
And put to death wherever they will be found.
De plus lettres deſſus les faits celeſtes
Seront par princes ignorans reprouues
Punis de dits chaſſez comme ſceleſtes
Et mis amort la ou ſeront trouues
L1: <it Selects seeD><uSeS false testicles><fiats Select tester pulls uSeless Seed><resettled pulse>retested

L2: <prince organise part norSe pouuers><since norSe part repouuers s<repouuer patronesS reasonings><censoring norSe pouuers saner part><gironas patron prince Seers pouuer><transpoSe reasoning pouuer><regions tranSpose saner pouuer><proue gironas prince part neuroSes><since norSe part repouuers sangroi>

L3: <StupidneSs chaStised><chaSeS uP Select dissident memoS><SelectS suPine emm><dissident uPsets chaSes><elSe Puniest sided>

L4: <~moiras mEt alot route uSer not use~><timEs a mortal arouSe not uurote><uue sEt immortals / mortalism rotten torrentS><SeE atomism><uurote mortal times not arouSe moralist><as torrentuouS timEs mortals ouue>
1: stupidness, chastised, dissident, testicles, resettled, atomism,
2: censoring, ditches,
3: alumroots, fascist, repouuer,
4: immortals / mortalism, desserts / stressed, retested, onerous, upsets, seuuers,
5: torrentuous, moralist, prouuess, puniest,
6: reasoning(s), torrents, 
7: turnout, settlers, selects (2x), useless, pulls, maims, suueet, spun,
8: organise, sangroi, ignores / regions,
9: patroness, transpose, mortals, memos,
10: neuroses, dessert, Aeolus,
11: steeds, sided, upset,
12: chasses, Girona, fiats,
13: edicts,
14: Castile / elastic, supine,
15: -
16: pouuers, Moiras, repour, false / fleas,
17: pincers, torrent,
18: -
19: Celts,
20: operant, uuoes (2x), died,
21: letters, chats, 
22: mortal.
23: -

dissident, chastised, testicles, stupidness, censoring, ditches, fascist, atomism, torrentuous, sewers, stressed, mortalism, onerous, moralist, prowess, upsets, puniest, reasonings, turnout, settlers, selects, useless, pulls, maims, patroness, organise, regions, transpose, mortals, memos, neuroses, dessert, Aeolus, upset, Girona, fiats, edicts, Castile, supine, powers, Moiras, spun, Celts, operant, false, letters, woes, sweet, mortal, died.



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