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Nostradamus C04 Q25: The prophet dreams the Nordic rune song of life and death.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This intriguing verse conveys a sense of importance through its enigmatic wording. It reads like a drug filled mind that sees the dreamer drifting in a visionary world where older constraints no longer apply and it reads much like the Song of Odin when he hung for nine days on the Tree of Life. There are powerful anagrams right at the beinning of the verse that confirm this for they tell us this is about a final unmissable process. The last line of text also tells us that this verse is a record of the ritualistic chant or prayer favoured by his sect.

The form of the verse tells us that it belongs with a group consisting of C4 Q25C4 Q28, C4 Q29, C4 Q30 andC4 Q33 and to the lead verse of the series C2 Q13. Their narrative is meant to be for internal consumption of a small band of his contemporaries and in this group of verses the planets, stars and the parts of the body are interchangable ciphers referencing members of Nostradamus' sect.

Lofty bodies endlessly visible to the eye,
Through these reasons they will come to obscure:
Body, forehead included, sense and head invisible,
Diminishing the sacred prayers.

Odins Rune Song

Hung I was on the windswept tree;
Nine full nights I hung,
Pierced by a spear,
a pledge to the god,
To Odin, myself to myself,
On that tree which none
can know the source
From whence its root has run.
None gave me bread,
none brought a horn.
Then low to earth I looked.
I caught up the runes,
roaring I took them,
And, fainting, back I fell.

The anagrams are no less enigmatic but they do reflect the same tone as the text. They tell us the subprocess is unmissable and by reference to the Nordic 'Song of the Sibil' that it involves a vision of death and the apocalypse. Other anagrams that provide the structure of this verse include:

Sibl process unmissable as Alfonsine evil is visible subprocess
Corps ſublimes ſans final oeil viſibles

nubile virile Nordien procreants carries scenarios raises bonus sons
Obnubiler viendront par ces raiſons

Sibl process for com[m]on-prints primness in Chinese chiefs unities
Corps front comprins ſens chief et inuiſibles

Odins admission in luminant minds careless caresses see Odinisms disunionism  soar
Diminuant les ſacrees oraisons
Lofty bodies endlessly visible to the eye,
Through these reasons they will come to obscure:
Body, forehead included, sense and head invisible,
Diminishing the sacred prayers.
Corps ſublimes ſans final oeil viſibles
Obnubiler viendront par ces raiſons
Corps front comprins ſens chief et inuiſibles
Diminuant les ſacrees oraisons.
L1: <if alone evil Sibil proCeSs unmiSsable><aimleSs SubproCess><final olive><Seas alfonSine limb><alfonsine seiSmal subproCesS><evil Sibil (Norse apocalyptic singer) alone sublimeS Corpse>

L2: <Scenarios driven on part> <bOnus carrieS patron son><sO nubile driven patron raiSe son><portance driven> <nord not revile airS sparce bOnus><sOon raiSes>

L3: <inches feet uisible in>proCess for><chinese Sins><chief unitieS><Sibil unite chiefs front Corpses>

L4: <oDins luminant careSs><so i soar in careleSS minDs><a Disunionism Scare arose ><aunt aDmission rose><inDiums careleSs son i arose> <oDinisms aunt i arose>
1: disunionism, unmissable, subprocess, admission, luminant, Odinism, uisible,
2: Alfonsine, sublimes, chiefest, primness, indiums, boson,
3: procreant, finches, indium, Chinese, nubile, carries, limb, lvii,
4: alveoli, Sibil (2x), caresses, virile, minds, bosun / bonus,
5: careless, process(2x), unities, 
6: chiefs, inches, revile,
7: Sarcosine / scenarios, chief,
8: coparents, carless, liver, viler, scars,
9: -
10: aimless / seismal, closer (2x), Odins, Sibl (2x), subs,
11: -,
12: rvle,
13: -,
14: smiles, cases,
15: carpet,
16: Caesers,
17: olive, soon,
18: Messia, final,
19: -,
20: alone,
21: feint,
22: -,
23: crops (2x), caress /scares, Odinism, admission, luminant, subprocess, unmissable, Sibil, disunionism, visible, Alfonsine, chiefest, minds, virile, primness, sublimes, indiums, unities, Chinese, caresses, procreant, bonus, careless, process, revile, nubile, limb, chief, scenarios, carries, viler, scars, Odins, aimless, corpse, final, smiles, scares, Cesars, coparents.


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