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Nostradamus C4 Q27: American sect that takes part in cloning a new man from one long dead.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015


Masonic hieracrchyThis verse resonates with the tones of masonry with the arch and the pyramid being mentioned in the text while the anagrams contain Mason encodes on astral arcs axle.

The second line refers to a pyramid and the third has a split anagram for providence (e p….c viendron) which is part an anagram sequence saying manner ruler lit providence all of which makes a strong allusion for American masonic acivity since the Eye of Providence at the peak of a pyramid is the masonic symbol printed on American currency.

 Nostradamus Centuries 4 Quatrain 27  The story line of this verse is consistent with that about a sect that seeks to use the modern art of cloning to resurrect a famous person.

There is a small group of anagrams that enrich this verse's tale and these include: 

1. Masonal man encodes astral axles_second_arcs
2. Debts bestouued a counterplea Empirial aim impaired oracle tolerance
3. Vicar driven on until peril in ruler dance manner
4.Anthony deplumate Cathar oath annoy dreamt charade altered arch diameter
Salon, Mansol,Tarascon, the arch of SEX.,
Where the pyramid is still standing
They come to deliver the Prince of Annemark,
Redemption reviled in the temple of Artemis.
Salon Manſol Taraſcon de SEX l'arc 
Ou est debout encore la piramide
Viendront liurer le prince Dannemarc
Rachat honny au temple d'Artemide.
L1: <~Masonal Second aXlE aSTral arcS~><laX MaSon encodES on aSTral arcS><relaXES draconS><aXlES arcS deaconS>

L2: <ruler lit pr-oVidence manner><impaired tolerance /co-eternal bestouued><audiOmetries counterplea bode><a Ousted electron impaired><oracle impaired tune><april tune amid / aimed core> encore debts

L3: <~nord lit ruler prince Dane name eVicnr~><~manner Vice until nord Decan peril~> <manneD car not driVen>

L4: <~anthony deplumate aRch diAmeter~><~aRched timer pleAd anthony a mute~><relAted admiRe><relAted admiRe><cathaR remediAted><Read hatch annoy deplumAte miter / timer ><anthony mute chaRade reAd time> dreAmt trampled
1: Anthony, bestouued, audiometries, loansmans, remediated,
2: counterplea, impaired, oath, relaxes, vicar, decan-name, trampled,
3: Masonal, seconds, charade,
4: deplumate, manner, axles, relax,
5: astral, debts, desex,
   Cathar, tolerance, annoy, until, amid, Dimeter,
7: arched, scalar,
8: diameter, cinder, timed, Ennead,
9: Priam,
10: yuan,
11: deacons, lax,
12: parole,
13: altered / related / alerted, manned, aimed / Midea, Neman,
14: dreamt, admire (2x), paled,
15: oracle, Doube, vice,
16: -
17: encodes, lost,
18: -
19: bout,
20: debt,
21: ousted, ruler,
22: altar.
23: -
Anthony, counterplea, audiometries, remediated, bestouued, decan-name, impaired, vicar, Masonal, oath, charade, deplumate, manner, relaxes, second, axles, astral, debts, Cathar, tolerance, annoy, until, scalar, diameter, amid, arched, altar, lax, deacons, altered, oracle, dreamt, encodes, vice, lost, bout, ousted, ruler, debt.


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