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Nostradamus C4 Q43: The Isle of If becomes a military laboratory.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is included in the discussion of Nostradamus on War and has a direct link to C.01 Q.63 through anagrams for disseminule. It is an allusory quatrain referring back to ancient tales for its telling of the setting for modern war. There is an anagram for Lycaeus (and its alternate form Lyceus) which creates a set of specific allusions.

Lycaeus (aka Lyceus) was a surname of certain divinities worshipped on mount Lycaeum in Arcadia, as for instance Zeus, who had a sanctuary on it, in which the festival of the Lycaea was celebrated. No one was allowed to enter the temple, and if any one forced his way in, he would have to stay only to lose his shadow within a year. Other fates included being stoned to death by the Arcadians, called stags, and being obliged to take to flight to save their lives.

The verse also has anagrams for Marseille beast or smaller beast which has connection to Nostradamus' youth when a rhinoceros was held captive on the Isle of If just off the coast from Marseille an event that drew wide attention culminating in the visit of King Francis in 1515. Inspired by the military potential of the island the king commissioned a fortress to be built which later became a prison. The prisoners held within its walls may well be the smaller beasts that lose their Lycean shadows. Stags may also fit to the hidden reference to a smaller beast with horns.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include: 

saucy Marseille smaller beast retreats embarass Norse not you
Seront ouys au ciel les armes batter

Lycaeus clue amuse Semele divines realmless eminences divineness luminesce
Celuy au meSme les diuins ennemis

Word on lotion oil axis incites Juste mutinies battered debatement avert
Voudront loix Sainctes iniuStement debatre

Paris four deter reurge by resonancy romantism crony imports
Par foudre et guerre bien croyans a mort mis.

C4 Q43

Arms will be heard clashing in the sky
That very same year the divine ones enemies

They will want unjustly to debate the holy laws:
Through lightning and war the believers put to death.

Seront ouys au ciel les armes batter

Celuy au meSme les diuins ennemis
Voudront loix Sainctes iniuStement debatre

Par foudre et guerre bien croyans a mort mis.
L1: <~unto saucy beast marseille roSter~><assembler retreatS><smaller beast><realmless batterers><not reStore marseille beast uuays / suuay><reStore smaller beast><unto realms base saucy lie><as you not lucile arms beast><embarass Street>

L2: <eminenCes seem deuils sin><lyCaeus (Proclus) diSseminule (life spreading mechanism) amuse><seem diuineness luminesCe>

L3: <sect battened oVer round axis in mutinieS> <~debatement not oil axiS reVuord incest unitS~><~insect lotion uVord axiS uniteS battered men~><round oxtails insect voter / overt unities><aVert odour><debater Vuord><incites in axiS><Vourd rate endebt>

L4: <a mans crony imPorts far><for mans atropism (atropine poisoning) rued><oriency a matronism / romantism><roma imParts resonancy>

1: diuineness, resonancy, luminesce, eminences, oxtails, battered, Lycaeus, saucy,
2: debatement, mutinies, realmless, batterers, battened, revuord,
3: disseminule(s), oriency, minutes, smaller, debater, endebt, crony, suuay / uuays,
4: matronism / romantism, atropism, imports, arms-base / embarass, imparts, lotion, batters, Lyceus, climes,
5: incites, unities, odour,
6: assembler, retreats, overt / voter,
7: -
8: batter,
9: Marseille, deuils, round,
10: axis,
11: units, mutes, avert,
12: trim,
13: melees, oilx,
14: matrons, amuse,
15: devour,
16: over,
17: rotund, restore,
18: Timor,
19: -
20: vuord / uvord, cluey, debt, bea / beta, you,
21: aleles, 
22: beast / beats,
23: Berta.

eminences, divineness, luminesce, resonancy, Lycaeus, battered, oxtails, saucy, debatement, reword, mutinies, realmless, oriency, endebt, crony, smaller, disseminules, sway, debater, romantism, embarass, Lyceus, imparts, atropism, lotion, incites, Marseille, axis, assembler, unities, devils, odour, imports, devour, Timor, oils, overt climes, retreat, restore, round, beast.



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