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Nostradamus C4 Q45: Modern genomics leads to the raising of the dead.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is a seriously weird verse with that impression beginning with the text and its image of actions performed on people who are already dead and a confirmation of that through a totally independent anagram for revenants (vn en ſera t)  a word meaning living things created from the dead. This is a theme that finds support throughout the prophecies with some verses about the recreation of dinosaurs and plant life and a major stream about the recreation of dead humans via cloning of DNA. Rare and complex anagrams of particular note such as biogens (beſoing), genomist (teſmoing), half-life (hef faill) and energy (y regne) provide a scientific basis that resonates with that in many other verses about the attempt by sects of strong ideology to resurrect Christ from the relics in their possession. While such efforts may justly seem futile to the rational mind eventually the emerging ability to generate a new life from biologic material will mean someone will try this experiment since it is fundamental to the faith of some Christians.

The anagrams in this verse include:

 Troy energy gene abandon near Parca[e] (Fates) refl[e]ction
Par conflit Roy regne abandonnera

legions splurge and affiched (documented) half-life fail Belarusia abuse filarial biogens
Le plus grand chef faillira au beſoing

supergene profil[e]s preachers search ape proformas
Mors profliges peu en reſchapera

misgotten revenants genomist atomise ergotamines reastounds monasteries enarchs
Tous deſtranches vn en ſera teſmoing
Through conflict a King will abandon his realm
The greatest chief will fail in time of need
Dead, ruined few will escape it,
All cut up, one will be a witness to it.
Par conflit Roy regne abandonnera
Le plus grand chef faillira au beſoing
Mors profliges peu en reſchapera
Tous deſtranches vn en ſera teſmoing
L1: <energy Riot near abandon><Riotry gene><~Parca abandon near foRlornity gene~><and era none began>

L2: <belaruSia / Subaerial / rabelAius plugs fail Legion><biogens ill aura affiched (posted publicly)><~ill aura affiched (placed on poster> loSing puLse be rang~><halflife abuSE air><eLoping belaruSia fail> <LoSing splurge>

L3: <neu Search reMap><chaSe supergene per profoRmas><preacheS prograMs-profiles> <preacherS proforMas><peSach (Passover) neuer arm><peneus (river god name) Search>

L4: <~Some revenantS (risen dead) used chantreSs ingoT~><chantreSs used ergoTamineS(Headache medication) to vnseens><monAsterieS seven trancheS><nearS seven miSgoTten trancheS><atomiSer Seen><mooTing trancheS evenneSs rateS><Steersman> eaSter
1: programs-profiles, forlornity, misgotten, proformas, affiched, half-life, preachers, supergene, chaffed, evenness,
2: chantress, revenants, affiche, energy, grey,
3: monasteries, fornical, Belarusia / Rabelaius / subaerial, gnomist, steersman, eloping,
4: chanters / tranches, ergotamines, eparchs, gout, got,
5: genomist, preaches, biogens,
6: Peneus, began,
7: atomise(r), atomise, ranches (2x), ensnare,
8: filarial, 
9: reastounds, moisten,
10: Cretans / trances, Franco, ingot,
11: abandon, splurge,
12: -
13: eparch / preach, douses, Rennes,
14: monies / simeon, Parca, glif, abuse,
15: foil, aria,
16: chanter / tranche, seven,
17: Cephas,
18: chaps, mates, / teams, lift, heap,
19: -
20: cheap,
21: ousted,
22: master / stream,
23: legion, Simon, armor.

forlornity, proformas, misgotten, half-life, supergene, energy, evenness, grey, preachers, affiched, monasteries, chantress, steersman, eloping, Belarusia, ensnare, seven, eparchs, gnomist, got, gout, genomist, subaerial, filarial, biogens, ergotamines, atomise(r), moisten, began, revenants, reastounds, Parca, douses, Rennes, cheap, monies, splurge, lift, ingot, abuse, Cretans, Franco, abandon, aria, glif, foil, chanter, heap, ousted, legion, stream.


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