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Nostradamus C4 Q62: Felons and saboteurs attack retail sites with weapons paid for by financiers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The tale in this verse provides details for understanding the turmoils that will bring the world to near ruin during this century. The major keys for this task are Manichae, saboteurs, financier, chloroamine, prisoner  and beam.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Manichae beam noncombinative chloroamine
Vn coronel machine ambition

Seas raised pall Pauls gulps renamed
Se ſaiſira de la plus grand armee

consentor continue contention prisoner financer unite
Contre ſon prince fainte inuention

esteemed codes wrote treasures era arouses as arrests embarass saboteurs
Et deſcouuert ſera ſoubz ſa ramee
# Chloroamine: an inorganic chemical derived from ammonia.
noncombinative: substance that tends not to combine with others.
Manichae: believer in dualist cosmology where good & evil are eternal agents.
A colonel with ambition plots,
He will seize the greatest army,
Against his Prince false invention,
And he will be discovered under his arbor.
Vn coronel machine ambition
Se ſaiſira de la plus grand armee
Contre ſon prince fainte inuention
Et deſcouuert ſera ſoubz ſa ramee
L1: <~noncombinatiVe chloramine~><ambient chloroamine Vnion><~michael / alchemi croon ambient vnion~><almoner niche croon Vnion ambit>manichae

L2: <radarmen SeeS iS plugs air lead / deal><renamed SeaS iS raid><~diSraeli eaSeS pauls dream rang~><~i renamed SeaS pall sugar raiSed~><armed iS raid eaSeS><sugar diarieS SeeS armed pall>lapidaries raiSes

L3: <~Contention unite financier perSon~><priSoner finance not Continue><ConSentor intone>

L4: <~zaraS ESteemed SaboteurS couuer~><~coutureS ESteemed bazarS arouSe~><treaSures ScoutEd><bazarS Sected touuerS arouSe><uueSter codeS><bazarS reaSSert Esteemed couu><B uteruS CarouSe>arreStS
1: noncombinative, chloroamine, chloramine, saboteurs, alchemi, Michael, Michal, esteemed, Zaras, bazars
2: contention, Manichae, continue, ambient,
3: lapidaries, roseuuaters, cornmeal, Disraeli, diaries, Leonor,
4: financier, Micah, ambit, iamb, 
5: prisoner, uuaterers, machine, radarmen, treasures, finance, Mancel,
6: -
7: vnion,
8: roseuuater, arrests,
9: consentor, costed,
10: uterus / suture,
11: austerer / treasure, calm, iris,
12: intone, sected,
13: ennui, 
14: prison, paled,
15: almoner, reassert,
16: coutures, arouses, niche,
17: beam,
18: Reuters,
19: renamed,
20: China / chain,
21: face,
22: Armand, faint, camel,
23: couture.

noncombinative, chloroamine, chloramine, saboteurs, esteemed, Michael, alchemy, Zaras, bazars, continue, Manichae, contention, sected, niche, coutures, arouses, financier, finance, prisoner, beam, machine, radarmen, treasures, consentor, costed, union, arrests, almoner, reassert, prison, calm, Reuters, China, face, Armand.


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