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Nostradamus C4 Q88: The hysteria of the people as the harm of the petrol industry peaks.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse follows on from the two preceding verses (See C.04 Q.86 and C.04 Q.87). The anagrams of the fourth line allow a date to be applied to the events described since C.4 Q.86 talks of Saturn in conjunction with the Sun suggesting the year is 2054CE. The anagrams describe the hysteria ( thyriaſe) when Syria Sea depth gone ( onge - De Phth - yriaſ -e a ſ) and factories died ( e faict ſor - dide) .

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

riddle stored danger anointed famed mound factories died
Le grand Antoine du nom de faicte ſordide

hysteria raise a son denier Syria reasoned Sea depth gone
De Phthyriaſe a ſon dernier ronge

word pictured Easter recaptures creatures unique bom[b] implode 
Vn qui de plomb voudra eſtre cupide

peasants stored planets petrol droplets polar passage reveals personal pleasures long gone
Paſſant le port d'eſleu ſera plonge
Anthony by name great by the filthy fact
Of Lousiness wasted to his end:
One who will want to be desirous of lead,
Passing the port he will be immersed by the elected.
Le grand Antoine du nom de faicte ſordide
De Phthyriaſe a ſon dernier ronge
Vn qui de plomb voudra eſtre cupide
Paſſant le port d'eſleu ſera plonge

L1: <unAnointed demon factoriSe danger riddLe><reaLigned famed scot nAtion dried><And factorieS died enLarged into mound><unAnointed mode riddLe danger><~enLarged id Anointed factoriSed mound~>

L2: <Syria reaSoned><Deep hySteria><Syria Sea DePth gone><on red Sea>

L3: <uvord pictured Vnique Sea><mob Savoured picture><cupid uniqVe bouv arreSted><cup id arreSted bouv implode><treaSured cup id Vnique><cup Vnique id arreSted>creatureS

L4: <perSonal PaSSage reSulted><petrol PeaSantS long pleaSureS> <Stored planet long pleaSure PaSS>.<petrol eludeS><reuSe dropletS><Pages uSe Slant elSe polar deport><Satans petrol>
1: droplets, depth, riddle,
2: unanointed, factories, pictured, hysteria, pictures, savoured, implode, resulted,
3: droplet, picture, famed, thy,
4: anointed, creatures, Syria,
5: recaptures, plotter, reasoned, Undine, dried,
6: treasured, anapests / peasants, intoned, Lepanto, piqued, uniqve, 
7: retraces, passage, ledger,
8: legendari /realigned, receptus, deports, el-Gedi,
9: arrested,
10: personal,
11: pleasures, planets,
12: aroused, enplot, intone, parole,
13: page,
14: pleasure, petrol, planet, pages,
15: anoint / nation,
16: retards / traders, creates,
17: -
18: Satans,
19: eldest,
20: mound, vuord (= word) , died,
21: deport,
22: quid,
23: -

famed, factories, unanointed, riddle, pictured, petrol, droplets, depth, hysteria, savoured, anointed, creatures, implode, Syria, recaptures, plotter, reasoned, peasants, piqued, nation, arrested, personal, pleasures, treasured, planets, unique, passage, mob, aroused, enplot, Satans, eldest, word, died.

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