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Nostradamus C5 Q3: Devastation caused by nuclear radiation in Belarus and Ukraine.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse clearly mark it out as a nuclear event in Belarus and Ukraine and of course this fits well to the events at Chernobyl late in the 20th century. The anagrams that provide the structure for these conclusions are Belorusian, Ukraine, nuclear-devices, nuclearised, according, populous, cancroid, radion, and duration. It is likely that this does relate to Chernobyl but not to its explosion rather it details the ongoing impact which will only come to light in this century. Some of its imagery such as adoring fans re-electing a poorly achieved leader may refer to our current time.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

unachieved nuclearised clues secures lead dual nuclear-devices envied
Le ſucceſſeur de la Duche viendra

cow [Taurus] populous routes equal dream quotas enab[l]e
Beaucoup plus outre que la mer de Toſquane

Belorusian floral branches encite drainage reflection denigrate
Gauloiſe branche la Florence tiendra

fans of Danes according cancroid radion duration adorning Ukraine quatrein
Dans fon giron d'accord nautique Rane.
The successor to the Duchy will come,
Very far beyond the Tuscan Sea:
A Gallic branch will hold Florence,
The nautical Frog in its bosom be agreement.
Le ſucceſſeur de la Duche viendra
Beaucoup plus outre que la mer de Toſquane
Gauloiſe branche la Florence tiendra
Dans fon giron d'accord nautique Rane.
L1: <nucLear-deviceS reuSeS leaD><SecureS / reScueS nucleariSed deal><unachieved Learned SucceSS ruleD><SecureS / reScueS envied SecuLar Deal> <laDder SecureS invader cLueS>unreaLiSed

L2: <equal populous true><dream quoTes><Banque SorTed out queer male> <uuorst pulp>

L3: <branches leaF oil indecent role><a reFlection elouiSa charnel danGer><erection / neoteric (progenetic) Fall><center reading elouiSa branch><he entice Floral danGer><louis electron branch leaf oil drainaGe><louiSa deniGrate><a beloruSian deniGrate><bearS oil>Serbian borealiS

L4: <duration according><quatRein adorning of Danes un-accord><draconic / cancroid duration><quite neaR Danes ring of dracon dracon><around quatRein according of Danes><on adoring fans enDear>(uQraine cancroid /draconic rotunda>

1: nuclear-devices, nuclearised, according, populous, unaccord, floral,
2: Belorusian, re-election, cancroid / draconic, branches, indecent, success,
3: unachieved, unrealised, ladder,
4: adorning, duration, Borealis, carbines, boilers, branch, quotas, secures, 
5: reflection, questor, 
6: populus, adoring, Uqraine, accord, quotes, Brenac,
7: drainage, charnel, 
8: denigrate, erection / neoteric, secular, around, slouu, hive,
9: demoter, plouus,
10: quatrein, Ben Sira / Serbian,
11: outrules, telurous, rotunda, fall,
12: Florence, enticed, ordain / radion, Claude,
13: Elouisa, duress,
14: emerald, 
15: eulogias / oil-usage, uuorst,
16: ring,
17: Queans, Serbia, 
18: Delarue, Louise, 
19: daunt,
20: flora,
21: centre / center / recent, souu,
22: retained, clause, Bearn, foal.

Belorusian, Ukraine, nuclear-devices, nuclearised, according, populous, cancroid, duration, unrealised, floral, branches, adorning, carbines, boilers, secures, charnel, drainage, quotas, populus, reflection, denigrate, Borealis re-election, unachieved, ladder, adoring, fans, indecent, success, radion, fall, slow, Serbia, duress.

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