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Nostradamus C5 Q7: Poisons in the bones of the dead affect grave robbers.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text of this verse is interpretable by looking it as either a forensic examination or desecration of a corpse which it turns out was poisoned by precious metals that have been made radioactive.

Within the anagrams the first line then covers the source of material affecting the bones and the second line is about the search for the underpinning reason and logic. The anagrams of the third line suggest that at first the wrong corpse is examined and the fourth covers the devious purpose for which this process is conducted. This story has many points in common with that given in C5 Q8.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

torrents slower doses worriments tower loses dust 
Du Triumuir ſeront trouuez les os

gematrian arch-technique proof shorter enigma for throned reason others taming quiet ethnarc patron
Cherchant profond thresor aenigmatique

unexalted corpse use lead neutrons erroneous not reopens
Ceux d'alentour ne ſeront en repos

rearm temple-bomber metal clique once crave reportable bearer plot
Ce concauer marbre et plomb metallique

# Gematrian: a person who uses the ancient technique of assigning numbers to letters to draw new meaning from words with an equivalent value.
Megarian: a person who uses the rules of logic established by Euclid and his followers while holding to the view that the good has a single entity.
The bones of the Triumvir will be found,
Looking for a deep enigmatic treasure
Those from thereabouts will not be at rest,
Digging for this thing of marble and metallic lead
Du Triumuir ſeront trouuez les os
Cherchant profond thresor aenigmatique
Ceux d'alentour ne ſeront en repos
Ce concauer marbre et plomb metallique
L1: <~uuorrimentS touuer lozes ir (iridium) DusT~><louuerz ouTsiDers torrents><uuorze lose irS rotten DusT>torrentuouS Doses

L2: <others fond Chique chanter gematrian proof><others fond megarian arChtechnique><quite a shorter enigma><throned organise><ethnarch proof><patron fond shorter aenigma><magi reason quiet throned><Chequer chant proof>

L3: <erroneouS Corpse unexalted><Caudex lent erroneouS pose><neutron lead norSe Corpse uxe><person to renote Caudex runes><norSe Cues not reopen axled rune>

L4: <once all mob met peter Clique><temple-bomber rearm><Clique conc-laue rearm><plot bearer>quill
1: arch-technique, temple-bomber, uuorriments, imaginate, unexalted, reorganise, gematrian / marginate, enigmata, erroneous, corpse uxed,
2: reportable, throned, mintage, zlouuer,
3: Germania / Megarian, neutrons, touuerz, aenigma, taming, creche, Timur, uurit,
4: outsiders, cheque(r), lossez,
5: torrentuous, ethnarch, uuorze,
6: torrents, neutron, reopen,
7: turnout, shorter / others,
8: organise, chique,
9: enigma, axled, scope,
10: lozes,
11: plot,
12: bearer, Magi, 
13: caudex / cauxed, douses,
14: -
15: -
16: chanter / tranche, quill, 
17: torrent,
18: clique, dust,
19: -
20: proof.
21: -
22: -
23: -

arch-technique, temple-bomber, worriments, reorganise, mintage, unexalted, Gematrian erroneous, corpse used, Megarian, aenigma, reportable, slower, neutrons, towers, taming, outsiders, losses, ethnarch, worse, torrents, reopen, others, turnout, organise, shorter, enigma, Magi, caused, axled, scope, loses, plot, bearer, douses, throned, chanter, clique, dust, proof.


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