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Nostradamus C5 Q19: Uranic based mutagens affect women seeking to debase their own femininity.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

 Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 19  A royal family is afflicted with mutagens because of radioactive elements within bandages.The following verse is about women who in attempting to escape the legacy of Eve use methods that harm their offspring. The anagrams that provide the framework of this verse include figleaf (afflige), enlargement (mente Le gran), railroaded (l d'or d'aerai), female (ef lame), lady (yal d), grab (g bar), wetter (uuerte t), bandages (De ſang ba), Urania (rain au), element (mente Le), enflame (ef lamen), acephal (la pache), pupal (pu la p), mutagen (augment), error (rre Ro).

The anagrams on from which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

1. Dragonry lady railroaded Urania mutagen element enlarged
2. Eparch uurote popular-poem each June one error ouue
3. Figleaf page meant female enflame papules
4. Arab bearers careers uurote uuetter bandages
The great Royal one of gold, augmented by brass,
The agreement broken, war opened by a young man:
People afflicted because of a lamented chief,
The land covered with barbarian blood.
Le grand Royal d'or d'aerain augmente
Rompu la pache par jeune ouuerte guerre
Peuple afflige par vn chef lamente
De ſang barbare ſera couuerte terre.

L1: <a dRagonry eLement railroaded> <guiana enLargement><enLarged Rod in mutagen area><gentLer lady mutagen adoRn>

L2: <each uurote / touuer re-urge moRe pupal><paul preach eparch june m-ap eRror> acephal (without head)

L3: <french-v page mental /lament fig-leaf><plea ePaulement (earth barriers)><peupent female leaf><flame vnreach>

L4: <coarSe uuetter bear erreD><bearerS banDages><arab DeSerter uurote careerS> <SerenaDer grab / garb ouue bearS care><couture eraSe reDSea tree>

1: pupal,enlargement, railroaded,
2: epaulement, figleaf, enflame,
3: bandages, flench, uuetter, urania, brang, lady, bang,
4: bandagers, acephal, mutagen, female, grab, error,
5: appeach, plum,
6: serenader, Augian / Guiana, Apache,
7: deserter, element, bag,
8: -,
9: Jera,
10: careers,
11: gentler, bearers,
12: lament / mantle / mental, readers,
13: eparch / preach, gentle, page,
14: load, lord,
15: rebase, 
16: -,
17: dragonry, 
18: flame, heap,
19: teeter,
20: cheap,
21: June,
22: -.
23: -.

figleaf, enlargement, railroaded, female, lady, grab, wetter, bandages, Urania, element, enflame, acephal, pupal, mutagen, error, appeach, Guiana, deserter, lament, gentler, careers, bearers, preach, gentle, page, rebase, Lord, dragonry, flame.


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