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Nostradamus C5 Q23: Future radiation treatment embraces ancient folklore at a time of war.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams in the verse suggest that this is the year when the confict between old-way thinking and science are reconciled with each other and the earth is beset by disease. This meaning can also be read in the text whereby the two contented ones that join are old and new forms of diagnosing illness and treating them at a time of war. The old method relies on astromancy which is divination by the stars and the treating of various diseases through the powers of unusal and rare items such rocks that glow in the dark. The modern method involves the use of radium.

The anagrams giving structure to this verse include:

excludes consents Norse inventor invest mens nimbleness excused
Les deux contens ſeront vnis enſemble

Uppsala astromancers starmap Norse consentor join quantic plant rottenness
Quant la pluſpart a Mars ſeront conjoinct

garlanded daffi'r queen enquire fen afire truer term l[a]bel allergen
Le grand d'Affrique en effraieur et tremble

radium virum apart call diseases diction
DVVMVIRAT par la claſſe deſioinct.
The two contented ones will be united together,
When for the most part they will be conjoined with Mars
The great one of Africa trembles in terror,
Duumvirate disjointed by the fleet.
Les deux contens ſeront vnis enſemble
Quant la pluſpart a Mars ſeront conjoinct
Le grand d'Affrique en effraieur et tremble
DVVMVIRAT par la claſſe deſioinct.

The above verse may also have its date hidden in Nostradamus' word choices. The second line can be read as a claim that most of the planets are in conjunction with Mars and one such occasion on which this occurred was 1524CE with February bringing Venus, Jupiter and Saturn into their closest conjunctions. This is a very rare event and the periods of the planets is such that another occurrence must wait until February 2378CE, 854 years after the first. This date is consistent with Nostradamus' reference to perfect cycles as I have shown in detail in my paper called Floods. Now since Nostradamus' objective is to set out what he saw for the future the most likely date for this verse is 2378.

L1: <inventor conSents Sense uxed><excLudes norSe sonnet nimbleneSs><menS beLl not excused inventorS Sense> <norSe uxed consent invest menS bell> <nemeSis beLl vntorn Sense seducex><blennemesiS (vomiting of mucus) eLudes>

L2: <pluS a nonacQuital part><paulS aStroMancers part conjoint><paul StarMap> <taMars norSe uppSala conjoint> <paulS norSe arMs apart><uppSalr jcon taMars Quantal tonic>

L3: <A dd ff range enquire><queen Add riff enLarge><graeL letter-number><queen riff Add range true term beLl afire><ger-man bell turret afire> <queen garLanded riff>equine utter

L4: <ion diSeaSeS><call ioniSed SeaS call a part VIRVM> <call edeSSaS ionic parT a VIRUM Duct><RADIVM-VV (radium-88) parT> <SeaSides icon call AparT> <ionic SeedS> <sectioniSed claSS><edeSSaS Diction call VIRVM a part> <RADIVM-VV parT call tonic diSeaSeS>
1: astromancers, viral-part, turret, virum, radium-vv
2: conjoint, conjoin, diction, starmap,
3: nimbleness, diseases, ionics,
4: blennemesis, Nuexco, enquire, reamass, ionic, ionised,
5: rottenness, quantal, quiffer,Tamars,
6: inventor, quantic, jcon,
7: inventors, excludes, consents, invents, Edessas, riff,
8: allergen, 
9: consentor, utter,
10: classed, Matar / Tamar, ioin,
11: Uppsala,
12: call,
13: equine,
14: plant, Raffi,
15: nemesis, messine, Patras,
16: garlanded, Uppsalr, join,
17: invest, arriue, fad, add,
18: excused,
19: Edessa,
20: consent, apart (2x),
21: Queen,
22: -
23: -
Uppsala, astromancers, starmap, viral-part, conjoint, diction, radium-88, turret, virum, diseases, enquire, nimbleness, blennemesis, reamass, ionics, quantal, rottenness, quantic, inventor, excludes, Tamars, nemesis, riff, consentor, invents, Uppsalr, fad, garlanded, Queen, invest, Edessa's, consents, excused, allergen, utter, equine, plant, Patras, add, apart.


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