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Nostradamus C5 Q27: The five aspects of Atmospheric havoc in the 21st century
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015, 2022

The Calamitous events verse series in Nostradamus' PropheciesVerse C5 Q27 is a member of the calamity series because the events mentioned in its text stand out as of a highly calamitous time where nations experience abnormal horror filled events.

It has historically been viewed as a verse of significance in relation to a leader of a war in modern times. However this interpretation relies on interpreting Nostradamus words to remedy obvious aberrations in their spelling. These interpretations have assumed a degree of incompetence in Nostradamus' writings in order to reach their conclusions with Phatos and Methelin  for example needing to be remedied.

By contrast I claim that in this and many other verses these variations are deliberate with the aim of producing highly significant anagrams such as atmosphere (r Phatos Methe), themes (s Methe), path (Phat) atoms (atos M) temblor (o Trembl) plus tremor (ro Trem) with both of the last terms representing earthquakes and volcanoes.  Nostradamus Centuries 5 Quatrain 27 Via fire and arms atmosphere themes envisioned potash, atoms, Thomas Malthus and Al Gore theme

The stand out feature that comes from comparing this anagram with the tones in the text is that there is a very close fit that unites the named environment in the anagrams with the damage from the named causative factors (fire, arms & war) in the text.

By using this approach of respecting the lettering in the verse I conclude that its theme relates to a major mutational event for the earth in this century not about a person unless that person is Al Gore.

I paired this verse with C6 Q96 because of both holding an a anagram of atmospheric relevance that has great modern potency in the light of the types of turmoil that are common sub themes of both.

Through fire and arms not far from the 'marnegro',
Will come from Persia to occupy Trebizond:
'Phatos', 'Methelin' to tremble, the Sun 'alegro',
A wave of Arab blood covers the 'Adriatic'.
Par feu et armes non loing de la marnegro
Viendra de Perſe occuper Trebiſonde
Trembler Phatos Methelin Sol alegro
De ſang Arabe d'Adrie couuert onde.

In making this processing choice I am not denying errors of various kinds can't and don't exist in the lettering of Nostradamus' quatrains but the prime action of any analyst should be to work with what is there and not make assumptions that may favour a personal view of what Nostradamus said.

The anagrams that emerge from the lines of this verse are sufficiently complex and interrelated as to suggest they are intentional. They are also modern and consistent with current scientific views of our future. Yet the presence of aberrant spelling should lessen the likelihood of coherence unless they are deliberate modern manipulations or mutilation of the original lettering and there is no basis for any recent intervention.

This being the case there are too many verses where using the original lettering anagrams of this highly complex, rare and interwoven nature are found for chance to be the most likely creator of the patterns in this and other verses. And in addition the anagrams amplify the message in the text delivering unexpected but precise detail.

It is highly improbable that any process other than author's intent would increase the incidence of significant anagrams to the levels found in verses throughtout the Prophecies.


L1: <noodling (creativity) enumerates far Pro-german><feature leading Pro-german><magdalen fear loin arousement><loing (Fr river) negro ornaments alarmed><noreman refute a leading Pro-german><Pro-german fear mature><sermon feature a Pro-german dealing / aligned>

L2: <diVineones dread Peers><PeerS enVisioned dread><pure Tribe coerceS Pandered Son><PreSee pure Tribe nodeS reinVaded><enVied odinS coerceS reaPed>

L3: <large Temblor (quake) also in the atMosPhere><the Temblor line grael MetaPhors><al gore Term> <Potash theMe allegorinS (allegories for)> <alSo the atoMs line><legal Tremor> <so the Temblor allegorinS line theMes Path><oaths theMe><the line Most harP alSo Tremble> soMe

L4: <Abdera AgendaS co-uurote dire end><uurote on a Deed Abdera (Thrace) cried><Deed Sang on Arab dread ice touuer><arab dreAd uoice Sang deuteron ><touuer rang aS Abdera rAid enDed >
1: atmosphere, themes, envisioned, Magdalen,
2: allegorins, metaphors, couturiere, arousement, pro-German, enumerates, Thomas, coerces, potash, oath,
3: ornaments, galleons, mensurate, pandered, Devons, motets,
4: Norseman, trodden, temblor, path,
5: legator, agendas, raided, them,
6: anegram / manager, refute, atoms, theme,
7: reinvaded, oaths,
8: aligned / dealing / leading, feature, abrade / Abdera,
9: alarmed,
10: noodling, Al Gore, Odins,
11: tribes, ended, ,
12: deuteron, Nelson,
13: enstream, nonoil,
14: mature,
15: tremor, legal,
16: nearmost, drained, sermon, cried,
17: most, add,
18: -
19: Tiber / tribe, bread / bared,
20: engram / German, harp,
21: -
22: master / stream,
23: couture, doing.

atmosphere, themes, envisioned, Magdalen, metaphors, Thomas, pro-German, arousement, coerces, galleons, potash, oaths, Norseman, motets, enumerates, Odins, trodden, temblor, tremor, path, German, agendas, leading, feature, Abdera, raided, Al Gore, alarmed, Tiber, manager, refute, atoms, mature, theme, German, legal, legator, ended, Deuteron, stream.

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