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Nostradamus C5 Q34: Anecdotic details of those prominent in the vast war of the 21st C.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are two verses that carry anagrams for anecdotic (Occidenta) but despite the complexity the degree of difficuly of them being there is quite high since both are generated from the root word Occident. This is true of several of the paired anagrams such as incocted (Occident) and accident (ccidenta) that are shared only between these two verses. Each gives a detailed account of participants in a modern fuel war between the Middle East and Europe. This verse also has strong links to C3 Q35.

C5 Q34 Du plus profond de l' occident Anglois.
C5 Q62
Sol Orient Saturne Occidental.

The current  gives details of the unusual character of a commander of Peruvian fleets commander and how anecdotic proof links him to Flodden, Scotland. There is an intriguing pair of adjacent anagrams for bipersonal androgynes ( ans Gyronde - par Blois En). When working on this verse I was at first puzzled by this androgynous reference but other anagrams in the same line such as bipersonal, interposable and prisonable lead to an identification of this leader's bi-sexuality.

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

proof anecdotic accident along
Du plus profond de l'occident Anglois

fleeched (coaxed) fields (Flodden) ills tribe equation use select
Ou eſt le chef de l'isle Brittanique

Enter race classed Androgynes bipersonal interposable
Entrera claſſe dans Gyronde par Blois

Peruvians fleets cause each Sea USA quarries equips Parques (Roman Fates) privateness.
Par vin et ſel feux cachez aux barriques
From the deepest part of the English West
Where the head of the British isle is
A fleet will enter the Gironde through Blois,
Through wine and salt, fires hidden in the casks.
Du plus profond de l'occident Anglois
Ou eſt le chef de l'isle Brittanique
Entrera claſſe dans Gyronde par Blois
Par vin et ſel feux cachez aux barriques.
L1: <flodden long Anecdotic><proof plus><condoled for decAnting soliD pulps><Accident losing><occidentAl losing><~flodden is propulsuD along incocted~>

L2: <~tiBer / triBe equatiOn uSe he-deflect ills~><Brittle fields><he Select a quin fed Bitter ills><equitatiOn Billers fed leech><triquinate [befouling] liBels fleeched [Scottish coaxed]><he defiles celts Brittani uuOqe><feed antique Bristle>

L3: <ponder BorEalis> <and Bipersonal tracer SealS><androGynes rare claSS><rare claSS intErposaBle><androGynes prisonaBle tracer><androGynes claSSed errant>Scalar Entries><Gory SadneSs>rEcreations

L4: <baux quarries><raveStein equipS uzax fuelx cache><he accuxe Pause invert Self uxe><Paques reinveSt fuelX><veinletS fuxe><Privateness fuel><accuxe Peruvians fleetS>
  1. decanting, equation, brittle, triquinate, bipersonal / prisonable, interposable, Peruvians
  2. anecdotic, condoled, equitation, androgynes, quarries, privateness
  3. bitter, accuxe (x=s)
  4. Borealis
  5. Flodden, solid, fields, defiles
  6. libels, billers
  7. scalar, recreations, re-invest
  8. incocted, bristle / blister, Baux, fuelx
  9. ponders, tracer, Paques
  10. classed
  11. -
  12. gory / orgy
  13. fleeched, fuelx (x=s)
  14. invert
  15. -
  16. -
  17. invest
  18. -
  19. Tiber / tribe
  20. proof, flees / feels.

androgynes, bipersonal equation, anecdotic, proof, Peruvians, condoled, privateness, equitation, quarries Baux, Flodden, fields, interposable, prisonable, class, invest fuels, ponders, decanting, solid, pulps, libels, defiles, Paques, orgy, Tiber, invest.



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