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Nostradamus C5 Q35: Chernobyl creates atmospheric havoc in the 21st century.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has an anagram for atmospherical thereby linking it to C5 Q27 which has an anagram for atmosphere. Within this verse the atmosheric  event began late in the last century when the Chernobyl nuclear reactor on the border of Ukraine and Belarus exploded. The tale is about the impact on the atmosphere and ground water with an emphasis on burial practices needed to deal with disease from mutant changes in viruses.

The text itself has interesting reference points with the stone in the stomach being a metaphor for the current state of the Chernobyl nuclear plant which currently has its core sealed in a huge volume of concrete.

The text and anagrams of this verse link to Nostradamus' mutation stories for the late 21st century. (See mutations, and Nuclear Floods for more).

The anagrams on which the interpretation of this verse rely include: 

rapine ape craftier lines resile after France heed garland named
Par cite franche de la grand mer Seline

recent oracles metaphorical atmospheric repair require equip port enter core to seal
Qui porte encores a l'eſtomach la pierre

Belarusian a logicalness envied localises adenoviruses burials along unignorable boundaries
Angloise claſſe viendra ſoubs la bruine

great-maneuverer pure ground-water endow urge guard tower never ungraded
Vn rameau prendre du grand ouuerte guerre.
For the free city of the great Crescent sea,
Which still carries the stone in its stomach,
The English fleet will come under the drizzle
To seize a branch, war opened by the great one.
Par cite franche de la grand mer Seline
Qui porte encores a l'eſtomach la pierre
Angloise claſſe viendra ſoubs la bruine
Vn rameau prendre du grand ouuerte guerre.
  1. <france chaldee><Seer cite Plainer><after chaldeen>< craftier chaldeen><he garlanded france><named grael><large / grael PlenarieS (complete) named>
  2. <reQuire reSeal port once aphelic (furtherest point) atomS><enter Sale/Seal eQuip atmoSpherical core><metaphorical Quip Seals ore centre><eQuip or repair><reception reQuire atom ore Sales><to r'leaSe aplhameric> <set enter oracleS><chatSome oracles enter>
  3.  <adenoviruSeS logicalnesS unraisAble><envieS belArusian logicalneSs><losing belArusian vaSSel boundarieS><driven as gAsoline Scales ruinable><unignorAble boundarieS Saves Slice><localise variedneSS So sub-burial><Along adenoviruSes Scale><guineAn oil scale SieveS> <envied a belArusian legion claSSes>
  4. <grand touuer endured><uuoden unregarded><great-maneuVerer render pure><re-urge ground-uuater redden><urge drug uuodan tree render><uuoden / endouu rend pure guard><dug around>
1: metaphorical, great-maneuverer, atmospherical, ground-uuater, unignorable, logicalness, adenoviruses, alphameric, subburial, UUodan
2: boundaries, Belarusian / unraisable, chatsome, localise, craftier, aphelic, burial,
3: disenslave, unregarded, aperfecti, Lamach, saves,
4: Chaldeen, Chaldee, mascot, require, phial,
5: adversion, reception, ruinable, hare-lip, Guinean, endured, vassel, slaves,
6: notcareless, variedness, molest, endouu / ouuned / uuoden, atoms,
7: aground, classes, Bernui,
8: around, redden,
9: Cassiel, fainter,
10: underdrag, gasoline, Angelo,
11: -
12: plenaries, grandame, dragon, penile,
13: oracles, refit,
14: prune, inane,
15: remands, 
16: garlanded,
17: grandma, argued, most, raven,
18: plainer,
19: peratic, coma,
20: grandeur, 
21: center / centre / recent, Pierre,
22: atom, 
23: -

metaphorical, great-maneuverer, atmospherical, ground-water, logicalness, Belarusian, unignorable, adenoviruses, alphameric, subburial, craftier, burial, localise, boundaries, recent, atom, unregarded, Guinean, vassel, slaves, endured, ruinable, atoms, Chaldeen, oracles, endow, dragon, classes, require, drug, phial, redden, gasoline.


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