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Nostradamus C5 Q36: Islamic rule turns to ancient alchemy to regulate women's health.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse is distinctly about a group of women who set out to oust prelatue paternalisms in their daily life. An adjacent sequence of three anagrams for Islum fate destinies in the first line give a clear focus as to the participants in this verse and in the last two lines  there are astronomic reference points giving Capella, Antares, asterism. There is allso a moral element to Nostradamus chosen words that asks whether altruism justifies breaking rules. Through these structured words this verse alludes to a time in the future when there is Islamic rule throughout Europe. This conclusion fits to a large number of verses where this same scenario emerges.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Does rule refer Persia Islum fate destinies?
De ſoeur le frere par ſimulte faintiſe

rose see men yearn mannerly enemy learn mineral vein emeralds dreams alive 
Viendra meſler roſee en myneral

Capella anecdote noted  Anne alive alleviate evil tale adrift use rules palace planet-code enacted
Sur la placente donne a vielle tardifue

prelature mural true leg oust Antares asterism impels Pamiers paternalisms
Meurt le gouſtant ſera ſimple et rural

# Capella: brightest star in the constellation of Auriga, the female goat; is actually an asterism of four stars that appears as one to the naked eye.
Antares: brightest star in Scorpio; it is a red supergiant that is the 15th brightest star in the Earths' skies.
Note: These two stars are almost at right angles. Antares is one of the four  Persian Royal Stars. Capella is close to Aldebaran (another of the four).
The sister's brother through the quarrel and deceit
Will come to mix dew in the mineral
On the cake given to the slow old woman,
She dies tasting it she will be simple and rustic.
De ſoeur le frere par ſimulte faintiſe
Viendra meſler roſee en myneral
Sur la placente donne a vielle tardifue
Meurt le gouſtant ſera ſimple et rural
L1: <~perSia fulminate Site rule DoeS refer~><iSlum DeStinieS fate refer rape rule><altruiSm rule prefer><pSalterium faint rule DoeS refer><inflate><repairS>

L2: <ermeSinda Vernal eneny roSe><Venerial enemy renamed><maleS learn enemy eros driVen><nearly driVen><liVen dreamS men yearn See><So driVen mannerly maleS err><eVil men yearn See>liVeryman aliVe

L3:<a planetcode ruleS vienna><placental ruleS><anne evil anecdote alter uuife's pall><denote Sulfuride via capella alert><pentacled ruleS alleviate none><a decent plural uSe if none alive><anne noted palace evil tale / dilater ruleS> enacted adrift

L4: <~true leg ouSt paternaliSmS true Mural~><auntS let tiMepleaSerS go><antareS true realM impelS><auntS aSterism><reaM true pulSimeter><impelS truer Male><prelature aimS><SlipStream>pamierS outageS
1: paternalisms, planetcode, liveryman, fulminate, placental, sulfuride, alleviate, destinies, altruism, mannerly, timeful,
2: slipstream, pulsimeter, placentae, placenta, anecdote, pentacle, Levaniel, venerial, adrift,
3: timepleasers, psalterium, Capella, plural,
4: plurals, outages, prefer, enemy / Yemen,
5: Ermesinda, destines, nearly,
6: Miletus, inflate,
7: dilater, enacted, rival / viral, flute,
8: palace, mural, yearn,
9: asterism, emeralds, rural,
10: venial,
11: prelature, vernal, decent, denote,
12: remained,
13: Antares, Vienna, clap,
14: destine, impels / simple, Islum,
15: remands, 
16: -
17: -
18: refuel, triad,
19: impresa / Pamiers, renamed, lancet, tirade, felt / left,
20: repairs, dreams, aunts,
21: -
22: faint, place, alive / avile (2x), fate,
23: impel.

Key Ideas:

Capella, Antares, planetcode, asterism, paternalisms, fulminate, sulfuride, alleviate, placental, destinies, mannerly, altruism, anecdote, timeful, pulsimeter, adrift, timepleasers, prefer, enemy, venerial, viral, dilater, venial, prelature, yearn, emeralds, palace, enacted, decent, dreams, Vienna, remands, Islum, triad, refuel, Pamiers, aunts, tirade, left, repairs, faint, place, alive, fate, impel.


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