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Nostradamus C5 Q41: The bounteous realm of Henry IV of France linked to modern wealth generators.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The duality of time within this verse ties the bounteous realm of Henry IV of France at the end of the 16th century to the fortunes of England in recent centuries as France comes to terms with the wealth generated by the airline industry.

The text of the verse aptly describes events in the sixteenth century surrounding the life of Henry IV of France who was born outside the mainstream of the Royal lineage but through a series of unexpected events inherited the throne. He was considered by many as the best king France ever had. This story is told in more detail in my articles on Henry and the Bourbon line.

The anagrams tell a more sinister tale of the impact of air travel on passengers as this current century enfolds. It registers the high status of the English court system as it grapples with claims that flying in Russian jets affects neurons in the brain.

The structure of this hidden story is revealed through anagrams that include bounteous era (bonte ſouu - era), England (ng de l'an), preconsolidate (ant ſiecle d'or p), anyones (ne Nay ſo), equivalent (e l'antique v), uncelestial (uellant ſiec), assertions (naiſtre ſon ſa),  renown (n Renouu), court (octur), renounce (urnee noc), Nestorians  (e naiſtre ſon), quiver (ique vr), colder (cle d'or), inner (in Ren), jet (et j), Souls ( ſouz z), slumber (les vmb).

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

any souls slumber steer jets journe[y] encounter - soyuz rumbles jester renounce court Anne
Nay ſouz les vmbres et journee nocturne

nearer gene begotten bounteous era in sea
Sera en regne et bonte ſouueraine

fear Nestorians agennos assertions reasons Englands equivalent rune never quiver
Ferare naiſtre ſon ſang de l'antique vrne

in owner renown uncelestial clients preconsolidate older pow[e]r area aerial reunion
Renouuellant ſiecle d'or pour l'aerain.

# Nestorians: Christians who emphasize the disunion between the human and divine nature of Jesus Christ.
Born in the shadows and during a dark day,
He will be sovereign in realm and goodness
He will cause his blood to rise again in the ancient urn
Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.
Nay ſouz les vmbres et journee nocturne
Sera en regne et bonte ſouueraine
Ferare naiſtre ſon ſang de l'antique vrne
Renouuellant ſiecle d'or pour l'aerain.
L1: <~seer jot rune encounter aNy Soulz embers vse~><our jet encounter>

L2: <Seer genera in bounteouS era> <tenuouS era><nearer Sauniere /uneaSier gene>

L3: <~Fear retainS reaSonS england never quit~><equivalent Fern><england Son reSiSt never quit arena><retainS rare agennoSS> <neStorians era /are free> <Sister Son arena> <aSSertionS england never quit arena><~englands StorieS quaint rvne Free itS arena~><england treaSonS><sonS rare arSenite> quiver

L4: <~older unceleStial Reunion pour areal (diffuse region)><older clientS aerial Renouun> <preconSolidate our inner areal uuell><Real rain Slant pour older ice><inneR uuell declinateS poor url area>colder cleanlieSt
1: preconsolidate, bounteous,
2: uncelestial, equivalent, assertions, Englands, England, anyones, renouun, Soyuz, embvs,
3: Nestorians, quiver,
4: cleanliest, lastline, jets,
5: declinates, arsenites, colder,
6: renounce,
7: assertion, resonants, agennoss,
8: encounter, Sauniere /uneasier, inner, jet,
9: reunion,
10: poor, soulz,
11: zoul, jot,
12: tenuous, arena,
13: count,
14: clients, quantile, court,
15: nearer (2x),
16: inaner, drop,
17: Nouuell, latins, aerial,
18: ouuner, uuell, never,
19: treasons,
20: arsenite, reasons, uuoes,
21: neuron, souu,
22: -
23: -

bounteous, England, preconsolidate, anyones, equivalent, uncelestial, assertions, Englands, court, renown, renounce, Nestorians, quiver, inner, jet, colder, Soyuz, embus, cleanliest, jets, arsenites, encounter, uneasier, agennoss, assertion, poor, soulz, reunion, clients, count, tenuous, aerial, arena, never, well.


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