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Nostradamus C5 Q70: On the extent to which impact of an aerial invader is disclosed.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The following verse supplies support detail about the cabal that Nostradamus sees as influencing the catstrophic events at the end of this century.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

balanced creeds ignore celibates subsection cabalan ascendable degrees
Des regions subiecte sa la Balance

Torrent refer blue rebels rout solemn omens patrons arranged urge temporalness danger
Feront troubler les monts par grande guerre

accept if outfits desex but cabinets vexed incubates out captaincies bias
Captifz tout sexe deu et tout Biſance

reconquer rice area tableau retreat
Qu'on criera a l'aube terre a terre
Of the regions subject to the Balance,
They will trouble the mountains with great war,
Captives the entire sex enthralled and all Byzantium
So that at dawn they will spread the news from land to land
Des regions subiecte sa la Balance
Feront troubler les monts par grande guerre
Captifz tout sexe deu et tout Biſance
Qu'on criera a l'aube terre a terre
L1: <~i seal caBalan Degrees subsection~><alas ascenDaBle subregions cite> <gnosis Banal decrees><castle Banal creeDs><caBalan celibates Degrees><seer canDle><~caBalan escalate busi ions degrees~>

L2: <solemn bluer parts reFer our danger><grander temporalness refer urge><arranged urge refer solemn past><past omens><or solemn part reFer rotten ruble danger><patrons urge reFer danger><torrent reFer><trouble not reFer>underage

L3: <But to CaptaincieS><if paCt z caBinetS (govt ministers> set out exude><if incuBateS paCt z to tout sex><aCcept if setz-out BaSin exude>Scan Bit if Capet out-setz exude out>

L4: <aerial conQuerer retreat><~racier tableau one-Quarter err~><beau conQuer aerial retreat>
1: captaincies, subsection, subregions, conquerer,
2: incubates, celibates, balanced, tableau, Butto,
3: temporalness, cabinets, butains, Cabalan,
4:ascendable, escalate, gnosis, accept, degrees,
5: reascend, decrees, fitz, desex,
6: conquer,
7: cleaned, 
8: ignores / regions, canal,
9: candle, grasp,
10: basal, subs,
11: unedge,
12: cabins, racier, tube,
13: patrons, morsel, retreat, greeds, 
14: castle, creeds / screed,
15: underage, banal, 
16: bits,
17: torrent, aerial, bluer, ruble,
18: crier, but,
19: bout,
20: arranged, stout,
21: rouble, resell / seller,
22: basin,
23: trouble, ignore / Origen / region.

cabinets, captaincies, incubates, subsection, balanced, celibates, subregions, Cabalan, gnosis, accept, ascendable, degrees, aerial, conquererer, tableau, decrees, patrons urge solemn parts, refer, danger, temporalness.


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