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Nostradamus C5 Q72: A great leader is imprisoned in a death-like coma.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse deals with the imprisonment of the Son of a ruler of an Empire that precedes his own rise to greatness. The astronomical references in the text are backed by anagrams for Cronus ( n cours) as the planet Saturn and Pluto ( olupt). Now there are only 10 times in the 2100 years from 400CE to 2500CE on which Saturn, Pluto and Venus are within 5 degrees of each other. One of thes is the year 443CE a date during which the Roman ambassador Censorius ( en cours si) was imprisoned. There are only two dates in the years from now to 2500CE and these are Jun 11 2181 and Aug 17. It is therefore possible that the leader who is the subject of the Prophecy is placed into a chemically induced death-like coma for some time at one of these two future dates.

When the text of C5 Q74 is examined it can be easily seen that the story line for this current verse is very similar and that the two verses talk of a period when the Arabic invaders of Europe will be driven out. The anagrams of this verse also suggest it is during that time when oceanic levels and mutational genes are at their peak thereby suggesting the likely date for this verse is 2181CE. The implications of this are that the invasion will last over a 100 years.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

pox rule pale Iris diaries discredit low volt Pluto powers swept
Pour le plaiſir d'edict voluptueux

omens real payolas Son loyal lands money
On meſlera la poyſon dans l'aloy

venues uses near Cronus Censorius viscerous virtues ocean viruses use
Venus ſera en cours si vertueux

obloquy (strong condemnation) fus[s] squared toilet layout aroused Louise,
Qu'obfusquera du ſoleil tout a loy

# Censorius: a 5th century count of the Western Roman empire -imprisoned and killed in Portugal while on an ambassadorial role which began in 440AD.
Cronus: leader of the Titans, head of the Gods after slaying his father - then  overthrown by his own son Zeus and imprisoned in Tartarus (the place of the dead). Equivalent to planet Saturn.
Pluto: a dwarf planet and in Greek mythology a somewhat benevolent ruler of the underworld.
Vestri: In Norse Eddic myths one of the four dwarves who held up the Earth- Vestri represents the Western point and westerly winds.
For the pleasure of the voluptuous edict,
One will mix poison in the faith
Venus will be in a course so virtuous
As to becloud the whole quality of the Sun.
Pour le plaiſir d'edict voluptueux
On meſlera la poyſon dans l'aloy
Venus ſera en cours si vertueux
Qu'obfusquera du ſoleil tout a loy
L1: <~put Popular-lie diScredit louv uxe~><louv edict Pox rule uuept><pell diarieS put louv Pouuerx><lapile Pouuerx diScredit> pluto

L2: <Solemn era loyal><Allan's Synod><laSer mOney> <Son payola lands anomoly> <lOneSomely a Son lands payola>

L3: <enSures xV true ocean viruSes><iesvs our true> <scour virtues Venus uxe><near viscerous enSues>

L4: <layout squared Soul to lie><layout lot lie arouSed><louiSe toil squared layout><uuoolieSt total squared> obloQuy (abuse) qreuus
1: uuoolliest, lonesomely, discredit, obloquy, payolas, virtue(s),
2: layout, 
3: viscerous, Disraeli, viruses, diaries, synod, Eddic, 
4: Censorius, strives, Cronus, Pluto,
5: pouuerx, Venux, dried,
6: squared, Allans, uuet (2x),
7: -
8: Vestri / strive, ensures, uuader,
9: -
10: alloys, money, 
11: iris,
12: aroused, posy,
13: ensues, ocean,
14: -
15: -
16: -
17: -
18: Louise, alloy / loyal, ounce, pox,
19: -
20: died.
21: -
22: -
23: -

layout, payolas, woolliest, virtue(s), Disraeli, lonesomely, discredit, viscerous, viruses, obloquy, Eddic, diaries, Censorius, synod, strives, Cronus, Pluto, Venux, powers, squared, Allans, wet, Vestri, dried, ensures, ocean, wader, died, Louise, aroused, alloys, money, pox, ensues.


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