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Nostradamus C5 Q79: Asteroid miners are granted licences despite protests.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse continues the same theme as that in C5 Q78 with both telling parts of the story of how the asteroid miners gain their licences through patrons encouraging their enterprise.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

poem preinvade Israels basis realises Salacer Isles reseals
La ſacree pompe viendra baiſſer les aiſles

prenaval avenue guard signalled true tales undervalue aligned legislature palaver
Par la venue du grand legiſlateur

rebels shell mush humble hauls reveals valuers relaxes rules
Humble haulſera vexera les rebelles

Austrians treasurer truer creature name true tale lawmen emulate uranite uranate rune
Naiſtra ſur terre aucun aemulateur.
The sacred pomp will come to lower its wings,
Through the coming of the great legislator
He will raise the humble, he will vex the rebels,
His like will not appear on this earth.
La ſacree pompe viendra baiſſer les aiſles
Par la venue du grand legiſlateur
Humble haulſera vexera les rebelles
Naiſtra ſur terre aucun aemulateur.
L1: <aLaS poem realise preinvade baSiS Scare leSs><aLaS bandar (Iranian Port) compere seal iSles riSeS><arab riSeS envied><aLaS poem leSs israel biaSes driven><arab mp iS leSser envied aeroSpace>

L2:<~Prenaval legiSlature unguarded~><guard Signalled true avenue><ur unargued Palaver legiSlated><undervalue a Pure Salt aligned /reginald><Pure Stillage ung(ra/aur)ded><gilleS aPertura unvalued>< augured Spirulate ligatureS

L3: <rebel aver halueS relaxes><several / reveals relax><a valuerS humble sHell>

L4: <nuclear-uuar-team true NarratiueS><auStalieNS truer name><~lauumen Nature urSa creature aStir~><treaSurer emulate ur Strain><auStrianS><ruNa amulet iStra> <iStraS true uranate><tSariNaS truer>
1: legislature, legislated, undervalue, signalled, unraveled, stillage, prenaval, Asturias / Austria's , lauumen, emulate, shell,
2: unlegislated, legislate, Austrians, humble, compere, relaxes,
3: ligatures, palaver, alumnae / Emanual, valuers, venulae,
4: unguarded, narratiues, treasurer, ligates, relax,
5: Australien, dealings, creature, augured, unravel, venular, 
6: spirulate, Reginald, revalues, 
7: unargued, Tsarinas, Bandar, amulet, scalar, Gledi, curare,
8: preinvade, aligned / dealing / leading, apertura, UUalter, Gilles, avenue,
9: sutras / Tarsus,
10: -
11: vernal,
12: rapture, reveals / several, rebels, Caesar, sells,
13: realises, hauls,
14: basis, venue,
15: velar, stars,
16: uranite, resiles, averse, venal, bard,
17: uranites, Israels, argued,
18: uranate, alum,
19: brand,
20: angled, realise,
21: salute,
22: creep, rebel,
23: poem.

legislature, signalled, prenaval, stillage, undervalue, unraveled, Austria's, lawmen, legislated, shell, emulate, Austrians, humble, compere, relaxes, palaver, Australien, treasurer, relax, dealings, augured, spirulate, creature, Reginald, revalues, Tsarinas, amulet, aligned, apertura, avenue, Tarsus, vernal, rapture, reveals, basis, Caesar, sells, brand, realises, rebels, hauls, stars, uranite, Israels, venal, bard, argued, uranate, alum, salute, rebel, poem.


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