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Nostradamus C5 Q80: The story of world recovery begins.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In reading te text of this verse it is apparent that its tone is different to those that have gone before and in the anagrams the reason for this becomes apparent since Nostradamus states that this is the point at which his prophecies broaden ( on grande B) out. The anagrams mention fartherance ( are et franch) quintiles ( l'eſtiniqu) and Mongolia ( a Logmion) suggesting that the remaining verses will be placed into five equal sections and that the region he covers will expand as far as Mongolia. The five topics include the events several centuries hence when the heathen invasion of Europe will be reversed by people from as far away as Mongolia while the Northern allies and the original invading hordes will come into constant conflict.

This verse also contains a composite anagrams for prophecies-arcana ( iſance approchera) meaning prophecies secrets or mysteries.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Mongolia looming danger cholera reapproach broadening prophecies-arcana bias
Logmion grande Biſance approchera

liquer leeching Seas arable Qabir erasabe
Chasse ſera la barbarique ligne

Louis V[a]lois sentinel used Edda's aquiline (eagle-like) deeds each equal quintile reach LXVI (66) charade
Des deux loix l'vne l'eſtinique lachera

Arab bear fartherance after libeler pen enhance Ferrante beguiler repute
Barbare et franche en perpetuelle brigue
Ogmios will approach great Byzantium,
The Barbaric League will be driven out
Of the two laws the heathen one will give way,
Barbarian and Frank in perpetual strife.
Logmion grande Biſance approchera
Chasse ſera la barbarique ligne
Des deux loix l'vne l'eſtinique lachera
Barbare et franche en perpetuelle brigue
L1: <prophecieS-arcana looming danger><Looming danger reproach> <mongoLia echo Broadening paper Scan> <paper grooming choLera><~Looming danger hear ape crop caBinS~> adorning

L2: <arab Change arable liquer> <barbara reSeals Changes><~arab Sees has arable geniC liquer~>

L3: <louix x reacheD equal seed> <rachael Deeds lune quintiles lux> <oil uxed lest aquiline lvnex Searched><Deduxes heraclea quintileS>

L4: <fartherance Burbage libeler><after beguiler bear Bear> <pen repute libeler fartherance> <hence aberrate far> arab enhance
1: prophecies-arcana, broadening, quintiles, leaching, Burbage, Heraclea, aberrate, enhance,
2: fartherance, Mongolia, quintile, aquiline, beguiler, roaming, Lovix, lxvi / xliv,
3: approacher / reapproach, looming, searched, charade, libeler, abides,
4: adorning, inequal, Barbara, Sachsen, sashes,
5: equilin, sentinel, claque, Qabir, header / Rhedae / adhere, Iraq,
6: reproach, reached, adheres / sheared,
7: arched, bend,
8: veinlets, deduxes, goal,
9: Beid,
10: cholera, Ferrante, Al-Gore,
11: liquer,
12: changes, cabins, Girona, arable, bearer,
13: oilx,
14: -
15: Horace, heard,
16: -
17: -
18: chopper, dreads / sadder, eddas,
19: guile, elven,
20: -
21: -
22: Rachel (2x), basin, Iraqu.
23: -

prophecies-arcana, broadening, quintiles, enhance, fartherance, Mongolia, Burbage, Heraclea, aberrate, aquiline, beguiler, lxvi, looming, searched, charade, libeler, abides, adorning, Barbara, Sachsen, sashes, Qabir, claque, sentinel, adhere, Iraq, goal, deduxes, Ferrante, veinlets, liquer, changes, cholera, Girona, cabins, heard, sadder, chopper, Horace, dreads, bearer, elven, guile, Iraqu, oils, basin, arable.

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