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Nostradamus C5 Q81: Islam invades at the time numerous meteorites fall to earth.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Two anagrams for aerolites and chondrites provide a good focal point for interpreting the text of this verse since both are terms for meteorites and this theme is consistent with a sequence of verses preceding this one (e.g. C5 Q80). In the last line the lettering at the end holds the anagrams for Islam ( mis a l), Ishmael ( emis a l'h), Ismael and Hismael all of which provides allusory societal ( royal ſur l - a cite ſol) references to the Islamic faith.

There is a continuity between this, the verses that precede it and those that follow and it is found through a mix of shared anagrams, visible concepts in both texts and anagrams and a consistency with the already established story lines.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Elouisa alacriously your  societal secularist also oscillate aerolites allusory solstice
L'oiseau royal ſur la cite ſolaire

Yesod funerate modesty recount nature Wagner guru reputes grew
Sept moys deuant fera nocturne augure

ethnic murder doctrine tetrarch charter chondrite mercurial miracles direction
Mur d'Orient cherra tonnerre eſclaire

superjet wars petrols exports lessen mines Islam Ishmael rues
Sept jours aux portes les ennemis a l'heure

# Aerolites / Chondrites: names for meteorites.
Ishmael: first son of Abraham in Bible and Quran.
Yesod: is a sephirah (sphere) in the Hebrew Tree of Life; in the Christian Kabbalah Yesod is known as the connection between Abraham and God.
The royal bird over the city of the Sun,
Seven months in advance it will deliver a nocturnal omen
The Eastern wall will fall lightning thunder,
Seven days the enemies directly to the gates.
L'oiseau royal ſur la cite ſolaire
Sept moys deuant fera nocturne augure
Mur d'Orient cherra tonnerre eſclaire
Sept jours aux portes les ennemis a l'heure
L1: <~i alacriouSly iSolate urSae roLe~><aeroliteS (meteorites) oiL your sea><air alluSory Societal roLe><alSo article / recital><oScillate air>SeculariSt

L2: <~Seer fear uuagner count unsteady tempo~><after yesod (Lun 9thSef) count uuagner temperS><uuagner court modesty Seep><nature greuu / guru ><counter uuagers><uuagner reuSe><Seuuerage>funerate centaur

L3: <rare Mercurial chrOndite (meteorite) tonne err><~Or ethnic Murder rare tonne Scale i err~><none charter><her dOctrine><ruMOred i retrench a Salic tonne><tetrarch (sub odinate governor) SiMulacre (image) miracleS / reclaimS Serener archer

L4: <ishmael lessen our usa Superjet export><petrols seen seminal uxa><peerS jot uuars else islam hue exports>
1: alacriously, chondrite, secularist, mercurial, allusory, modesty, superjet, seuuerage, Hismael / Ishmael,
2: tetrarch, exports, export, hails,
3: oscillate, unsteady, miracles / reclaims, curtail, ethnic,
4: introducer, societal, retrench, unfated, rumored, centaur / untrace, uuagers, thence, spjte,
5: articles, miracle,
6: doctrine, royals / solary, murder, drum,
7: aerolites, charter, UUagner, tempers,
8: isolate, guru,
9: Yesod, Salic,
10: reputes (2x),
11: trench, sailor, uuage, jot,
12: article, recital, lays / slay,
13: petrols, Elouisa, count, augur,
14: Castile / elastic, court, uuars,
15: Eloise, serener,
16: -
17: dyes,
18: pox,
19: -
20: Islam,
21: greuu,
22: uuager, lessen,
23: seminal.

alacriously, secularist, tetrarch, exports, mercurial, chondrite, aerolites, hails, allusory, societal, miracles, superjet, petrols, sewerage, oscillate, Salic, curtail, ethnic, murder, sailor, slay, Elouisa, Ishmael, modesty, unsteady, Yesod, hence, Centaur, spite, rumored, unfated, royals, charter, guru, Wagner, isolate, tempers, reputes, grew, Castile, court, count, wars, augur, serener, dyes, Islam, doctrine, recital, lessen, seminal, pox.




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