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Nostradamus C5 Q84: The plotter who poisons summer drinking water with arsenic.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has continuity with the previous verse by providing the means of subversion for the realm mentioned in the text of C5 Q83. The means is by contamination of rivers and other summer ( mmeſu) water supplies using the salts of arsenic such as arseniate ( ee Naistra), arseniurets ( ſuree Naistr) and arsenite ( ee Naistr). The previous verse islinked by it also having an anagram for wargod (ra du go).

Anagrams able to give this verse meaning include:

Wargod heretic recite time graduations Sumer summer [s]phere retains arseniuret arsenite radiants
Naistra du gouphre et cite immeſuree

obscurest tenets Weber use curbs repayed any day runes parented
Nay de parents obſcurs et tenebreux

land acidness up drug issuance dragonry guard your queer DNA
Quand la puiſſance du grand roy reueree

word dates rudest repair aurora retune uses
Voudra deſtruire par Rouan et Eureux

# arsenite: salt containing trivalent Arsenic oxyanion or ester of arsenious acid.
# arseniate: alternate name for arsenate; any salt or ester of arsenic acid.
# arseniuret: alternate name for arsenide; trivalent arsenic oxyanion.
He will be born of the gulf and unmeasured city,
Born of obscure and dark family
He who the revered power of the great King
Will want to destroy through Rouen and Evreux.
Naistra du gouphre et cite immeſuree
Nay de parents obſcurs et tenebreux
Quand la puiſſance du grand roy reueree
Voudra deſtruire par Rouan et Eureux
L1: <heretic tie dug up Summer arseNiate><~reuSe mime cite three graduatioNS~><arseNite guard><there mimetic guard uSe up arseNite><uNeaSier mime cite star> <taurids go up here><hereupto cite mime Saint guard reuSe><heretic time reSume>Sumer uuargod

L2: <~exurbaN prayed obScures tenet sent~><entraps obScurest><Any parented curSeS uxe Sub><tenet curbS treason><parent Sobs curse reubeNx tenet><tenet curbS day note rape><reuben street>truest / utters

L3: <guard iSSuance><urgev euery land ScanS Queer radon><radon Quaere euery upland acidneSS><dragonry reuere dunce><radon drug><ungraded><argued Scan is upland>aScendS decanS / dances paul

L4: <~neat Vourdx uuEre ouR rudeSt repair~><Sadder / dread Vouux><riuer tradeS Vuord true upRoar uxe><traderS uiper auRora>
1: graduations, obscurest, mimetic, UUargod, exurban, repayed,
2: arseniate, sobs,
3: summer, Reuben,
4: acidness, heretic, plaud, curses,
5: ascends, aurora,
6: truest / utters,
7: issuance, Taurids, exurb,
8: arseniuret, Sauniere / uneasier, curbs,
9: -
10: underdrag,
11: mime,
12: radiants, parented, three / there,
13: quaere, resume, imm / mmi,
14: nux,
15: -
16: retards / traders, ascend / dances / decans,
17: dragonry, triads, argued, tenets, been,
18: diuerts, dreads / sadder, scans,
19: recite / reiect, day,
20: arsenite, uvord,
21: -
22: -
23: here.

obscurest, exurban, graduations, mimetic, wargod, repayed, arseniate, arseniuret, arsenite, acidness, summer, curses, sobs, Reuben, heretic, plaud, Taurids, aurora, ascends, utters, radiants, uneasier, issuance, curbs, underdrag, three, parented, quaere, resume, mmi, traders, dragonry, ascend, triads, argued, tenets, sadder, day, scans, word, recite, here.


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