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Nostradamus C5 Q85: The cause of the Northerners Crusade.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

A new topic emerges in this verse, one that is needed to fill in the detail of his major stories and it involves the history of the Northern kings who partner with the East later in this century and beyond. This verse and the next (C5 Q86) begin that tale with this current verse being about the impact of radiation that changes lifestyles in the North causing them to ally with those who oppose the originators of their harm.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

personal supersensual pleasures use sweet lie circus unison poisons passion
Par les ſueues et lieux circonuoisons

Norse entongue warcodes repower Crusade Swedens cause needs
Seront en guerre pour cauſe des nuees

assuming map misconstrual sect consults  countless counties
Gamp marins locuſtes et couſins

dual name unsafest Norse bit Sweden need ensues
Du Leman fautes ſeront bien deſnuees
Through the Suevi and neighboring places,
They will be at war over the clouds
Swarm of marine locusts and gnats,
The faults of Geneva will be laid quite bare.
Par les ſueues et lieux circonuoisons
Seront en guerre pour cauſe des nuees
Gamp marins locuſtes et couſins
Du Leman fautes ſeront bien deſnuees
L1: <elite use cicux PleaSures> <uSes real Poisons> <elites Supersensual uxe> <Personal / sPonsorial uSes><uue uxe Parsons eliteS leSs>

L2: <Seer uSed a procurer entongue ensue><Seers cruSade ensure re-pouuer><~re-pouuer roentgenS cruSade ensue~)<see raucouS norSE repugner ensued><Sudanese procure urge><Seers entongue uuarcodeS ensue><Sees our cauSe ensued><Saducees urge repour>

L3: <map Signs miSconstrual> <see conSults primma Suction Gas><primma Scout countleSs Signs>.<assuminG map> <ultraSonics><Sets countieS><sect Set locus arm Sin sign in map>

L4: <~unsafeSt norSe bit needS suueDen malE~><name eLuDes><~name DueLs enSue bi end not Seers faut~>
1: misconstrual, ultrasonics, supersensual, sponsorial, consults, assuming, procurer, unsafest,
2: countless, surceased, suction, 
3: entongue, repugner, Saducees, repouuer, Sudanese, procure, Suueden, signs,
4: uuarcodes, counties, Curiex, assign,
5: roentgens, roentgen, raucous,
6: Cetus,
7: passion, malused,
8: Rontgen, Crusade,
9: Priam,
10: personal, caused, testes, sinus,
11: pleasures, cousin, uueeds,
12: poisons, ensued (2x), cxi / xci,
13: Benoit, ensues (2x),
14: -
15: -
16: repour, scout, sensed,
17: gains.
18: -
19: -
20: -
21: -
22: -
23: -

misconstrual, sponsorial, ultrasonics, consults, supersensual, assuming, procure, unsafest, suction, countless, repugner, entongue, surceased, Saducees, Sudanese, repower, Sweden, counties, warcodes, signs, Cetus, assign, Curiex, Roentgens, raucous, passion, malused, Priam, personal, Crusade, caused, testes, sinus, pleasures, cxi, cousin, poisons, weeds, Benoit, sensed, scout, repour, gains, ensues.


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