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Nostradamus C5 Q89: Odinist, Freemason sects influence on 21st century events in Europe
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus Prophecies verse C5 Q89 Astronomies I believe it is only possible for Nostradamus to interpret his contact with the source mentioned in C1 Q1 through the use of the emotional memory implanted while he is in a trance. Much of the knowledge he gained relied on the empathy of his vision with his own learning and experiences so it emerges through a filter that still shapes his hand as he writes his Prophecies in the following days. This process is very apparent in this verse for it bundles together a set of things he knew that resonated with what he had envisioned. Consequently much of what he writes is highly focussed but in a jumbled manner.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

1. Pendragonish biographer abhor hands on region
2. Odinist sect trepidations fear parents craftiness interfaces Arab petitions
3. Arab preferral ports pay blatant spy sparsedly
4. Freemasons economists contortions aforetimes  astronomies fearsome motions

This verse is part of my presentation in Nostradamus on Sects.

Into Hungary through Bohemia, Navarre,
Where banners feign insurrections
By the fleur-de-lis legion bearing the bar,
Against Orleans they cause disturbances.
Dedans hongrie par Boheme Nauarre
Et par banniere faincts ſeditions
Par fleurs de lys pays portant la barre
Contre Orleans fera eſmotions.

There are a set of profession-related anagrams that no reasonable expectation would anticipate finding together in one verse. These include biographer, economists and astronomies. These are then augmented by references to cults via equally complex anagrams such as Freemasons, Pendragonish readers and Odinist sect. And binding these are another series of highly complex anagrams such as craftiness, fearsome, trepidations, narratable, interfaces, abhor, contortions, aforetimes and emotions. There are other anagrams too and as a group they indicate there was a deliberate attempt by Nostradamus to generate a framework for his visible text. It is no easy task to produce such a code and it must always by its very nature lead to some wrongful inclusions. However it is a matrix that gains clarity by its own complex coherence and the interfacing of these with ideas found in both the visible and hidden text of other verses.

L1: <~meNeau (French town) reareD hands on biographer~><~pendragonish reaDer meNeau aBhor><meNeau aBhor eDdan e-nographies><reaping noahs Deed><~rehoping Bar Deadens Nauarre home~>

L2: <odinist Sect in fear nine arab Step><~trEpidations Sects refine a ban><inane idiot craftineSs Entraps><it refine ions diStances><arab pEtitions inner diStances><diSsect into arab inner stEp><in part editions ban interfaceS><Sect refine antic ban idiot parEnts> <arab pEtitions refine deSsicant ions>

L3: <reused narratable sporty plays><arab raPer sparsedly fuel> <sly patrons pay reused flare><~blatant raPer prosy (dull) rules splayed (scattered) far~><pastor desplay far rules>

L4: <freemaSons real Contortions> <Consentor learns aforetimeS> <learn eConomiSts fear> <reContrOl aStronomies><learns toniCs fearSome rOle> <learns fear emotions> atomiSer aeronomiSts
1: Pendragonish, trepidations, biographer, contortions, freemasons, economists, petitions, narratable, sparsedly, blatant,
2: aeronomists, astronomies, craftiness, aforetimes, adherends, preferral, Odinist, fearsome, Eleanor, plays,
3: sporty, hands,
4: interfaces, distances, dessicant, splayed, edition, dissect, barral, prosy, abhor,
5: consorter, motions,
6: emotions, Noahs,
7: interface, editions, sedition, atomiser, atomise, maoiste,
8: idiot, sects, inner, home,
9: consentor, Nauarre,
10: -
11: motion,
12: pastor, gripe, posy,
13: patrons,
14: reaping, moist, omits, refine, inane,
15: pays,
16: inaner, ring,
17: dearer / reader / reared, most,
18: -
19: -
20: -
21: omit, sides,
22: Orlean,
23: ignore / origen / region, deaden,

Pendragonish, trepidations, aforetimes, biographer, economists, petitions, blatant, contortions, craftiness, freemasons, astronomies, narratable, sporty, hands, dissect, fearsome, Odinist, plays, distances, edition, sparsedly, interface, Noahs, emotions, idiot, sects, abhor, atomiser, inane, patrons, home, refine.

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