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Nostradamus C5 Q93: Belarus Israel gold commerce and round globules.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse provides an important part of the background detail to the financial crisis that will undermine the current status of mankind. Its anagrams name the hidden participants whose self-seeking plans go awry. Its themes are consistent with the major stories that Nostradamus claims are the substance of his prophecies. They are centred on actions in the west and northern parts of Europe and the attempts of those in high office in these regions to dominate commodities traded on share markets of the world.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Israel bourse so subtle terrori[s]ed gold ground belts - round globule belong Belorussian
Soubs le terroir du rond globe lunaire

true roles recur mercature domain rewakes uranite
Lors que ſera dominateur Mercure

Israeli alumi ills seeds frees safer lunar codes
L'isle d'Eſcoſſe fera vn luminaire

equalise fruit along Limoges scattered matter - confides times contrasted true codes fit
Qui les Anglois mettra deſconfiture
Under the land of the round lunar globe,
When Mercury will be dominating
The isle of Scotland will produce a luminary,
One who will put the English into confusion.
Soubs le terroir du rond globe lunaire
Lors que ſera dominateur Mercure
L'isle d'Eſcoſſe fera vn luminaire
Qui les Anglois mettra deſconfiture.
L1: <~blue gold round beloruSsian rioter~><beloruSsian round globule rioter> <gold unable riSe round rioter blues> <So ruinable gold round rioter blues><bourSe relets or>subtle

L2: <Mercature (commerce) domain ruLe><romaniSed Mercature ruLe><quaereS (questions) recur dominate roLes><nuMerate roLes quareS recur><Seer Mature domain recur><uranite moda reuSe>

L3: <unravel main siLlier Seed><israeLi alumni (graduate) freeS codeleSS><fear murnival (four equal tokens) Linear eSS codeS lies ><diESel airLine>

L4: <losing unfit codeS eQuAliser matter><no fit gAsolines liQuer Scattered><~unfit eQuAliser mistreat long codeS~><contraSted fit eQuaLiser><confideS eQuAlis(e) true matter losing><gAsolines liQuer unfit codeS matter><EQuAlise long times tradeS><limoges fruit contraSted><Along unfit starcode times><times gAlleons trade>
1: contrasted, scattered, globule, Israeli, unable
2: Belorussian, mistreated, confides, mercature, starcode, Limoges, equalise, started, airline, unfit,
3: galleons, codeless, trebles, gold,
4: dominate, equaliser, Seulerian, ground,
5: romanised, ruinable, mistreat, airlines, lunarise, numerate, venular / unravel, sillier,
6: gasolines, tetrad, fruit, lvnar,
7: quorrels, salique, bluest / subtle, 
8: blouses, domain, sacred / scared, belts,
9: matters, round,
10: gasoline, Raimond, Eulerian, corule, bourse,
11: deacons, alumni, liquer, vernal,
12: -
13: Urdr,
14: mature,
15: -
16: uranite,
17: raven,
18: quaeres, slang, recur,
19: -
20: rioter, blues,
21: -
22: ills,
23: linear,

Israeli, scattered, globule, contrasted, Belorussian, mistreated, confides, unable, equalise, mercature, Limoges, started, unfit, airline, trebles, codeless, galleons, gold, Seulerian, numerate, romanised, ground, ruinable, matters, dominate, bourse, unravel, gasolines, sillier, fruit, bluest blouses, sacred, belts, domain, round, deacons, liquer, ills, mature, uranite, rioter, blues, recur.



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