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Nostradamus C6 Q4: Floods that drown Europe's great cities.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The interest in this verse lies in an anagram sequence saying 'I date calendar' while the text says No longer will it include the city of Agrippine'. This city is now called Cologne which was originally named after its founder and is currently the fourth largest city in Germany. That the Rhone on which its located should change its course in such a manner that Cologne was not included fits into the theme of Nostradamus' great floods in which great cities cease to exist. The rest of the text fits with this imagery so if this vision is valid the time of its occurrence begins at the end of this century. The anagrams also provide a further cross-reference via allusions to an increase in cancerous diseases which are again a product of events after 2065CE.

The anagrams from which this verse's key will come include:

glaciated fluke fuel we encharge genearch varied
e Celtiq fleuue changera de riuaige

unspelt citadel dialect pairing utensil Cardinal cited calendar date I retained
Plus ne tiendra la cite d'Agripine

transmute surname Nemours lies evil villienage ageing Galilean get out ganglia gangliate numerators
Tout tranſmue ormis le vieil langaige

natures morale scleroma sarcoma cancers nearer Persian uranites
Saturne Leo Mars Cancer en rapine.
The Celtic river will change its course,
No longer will it include the city of Agrippina:
All changed except the old language,
Saturn, Leo, Mars, Cancer in plunder.

Le Celtiq fleuue changera de riuaige
Plus ne tiendra la cite d'Agripine
Tout tranſmue ormis le vieil langaige
Saturne Leo Mars Cancer en rapine.
  1. <agiLe genearch fleuu uaried><agen arriued>
  2. <i dAte calendar griPpine unites><AgripPine citadel / dialect trained lunes><retained glAciated ><racial dAte>
  3. <galilean somervilie><Surname somervili> <all (To) tranSmute ouT ageing><numeratorS><ganglial><villeinage>
  4. <perSian nature Cancers MoLe><natureS sCLeroMa><Can turn sarCoMa near peniS>
1: villainage, villeinage, glaciated, scleroma, sarcoma,
2: gangliate, ganglial, transmute,  ganglia, enpupil,
3: cheuu,
4: cardinal, Galilean, unspelt,
5: numerators, parcener, raider,
6: elegaic (2x), cancers, surname, racial, aging, again,
7: calendar, utensil,
8: Nemours, arriued, ageing,
9: Marcs,
10: encharge / genearch, grip,
11: cancer, mouse,
12: unpile,
13: interned,
14: citadel / dialect, releuant, morale,
15: uaried, nearer,
16: intense,
17: uranites, dearer / reared / reader,
18: agreed,
19: Arcas, liege,
20: -
21: -
22: retained, unseat.
23: -

glaciated, villienage, scleroma, sarcoma, transmute, ganglia(l), gangliate, chew, Cardinal, Galilean, unspelt, numerators, parcener, raider, racial, surname, aging, cancers, elegaic, calendar, utensil, arrived, Marcs, grip, Nemours, varied, genearch, mouse, unpile, interned, citadek, relevant, morale, nearer, intense, uranites, reader, agreed, Arcas, liege, retained, unseated.



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