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Nostradamus C06 Q08: Letter size and doublet-triplet formations used for coding normal topics.

Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This section of the prophecies has a high proportion of verses dedicated to understanding the methods of coding used by Nostradamus. These verses are often disguised under unusual wording and it is only when they are read as indicators of code that they lose their mystical nature. This verse is one of those and the mention of gold together with knowedge and a repetition of letter in the text tells us that this verse is about hiding code in simple type face where the ancient arts of coloured letters can no longer be used for coding purposes.

Anagrams that provide the basis from which the above tale is drawn include:

open our corpus (writings) a courie[r] Quixotes ye[s]no toys enter gene
Ceux qui eſtoyent en regne pour ſcauoir

your oculary (sight) changed envied patron usurpation pouu[e]r
Au Royal change deuiendront apouuris

exiles laziness spans up Norway au [gold] version
Vns exilez ſans appuy or n'auoir

ornateness resonate sense Norse generators grant Nogarets arrogant titles and triplets reset letters
Lettrez et lettres ne ſeront a grand pris
Those who were in the realm for knowledge
Will become impoverished at the change of King
Some exiled without support, having no gold,
The lettered and letters will not be at a high premium
Ceux qui eſtoyent en regne pour ſcauoir
Au Royal change deuiendront apouuris
Vns exilez ſans appuy or n'auoir
Lettrez et lettres ne ſeront a grand pris
L1: <quixoteS uiCarouS yen enter open Cue><genre pourS neoteny (retains juvenile features) Suite><corpuS gene> <Curiex raucouS genre open><quietS CaricouS (tumour) uxe>exCur

L2: <youR patron enuied sAuiour changed><~patron enuied oculaRy sAuiour hanged~>ruined unedge atop

L3: <noruuay Versionx lazineSs><noruuay naSalizes pp Sex><puy span Vixens Sealz / zealS>papuanS pupa

L4:<Letter ornateneSs rezet titLes / tripLetS> <arrogant rezet titLes letter Sense> <ten-letters and periLs generatorS rezt><Letter spridnazet><norSe enters tripLets rezettle><~Letter zettle perils grand treaSon enters~><arrogant eSSene><nogaret>
1: usurpation, lettersize, generators, quixotes, nasalizes, caricous, oculary, Noruuay, Papuans, vixens,
2: tuuo-pair, arrogant, laziness, letterz,
3: tuuo-pairs, ten-letters, triplets / splitter, changed, Sauiour, version,
4: unrationed, letter-set, neoteny, Curiex, zettle,
5: raucous, titles, clay,
6: ornateness, zeals, pupa,
7: retitles,
8: corpus, rezet,
9: -
10: resonate, Essene,
11: Nogarets, unedge, ,
12: stoney, Aniou, zeer,
13: exiles, exile,
14: resplit / triples, Nogaret, liez, 
15: Sauior, cursa,
16: -
17: grandpa, Curie, atop, 
18: excur, rvnes,
19: -
20: you,
21: letters, rezt.
22: -

Quixotes, arrogant, usurpation, nasalizes, letter-size, generators, Norway, oculary, laziness, letters, two-pairs, ten-letters, triplets, changed, Saviour, version, unrationed, titles, letter-set, ornateness, corpus, reset, resonate, Essene, Anjou, Nogarets, exiles, seer, Curies, unedge, settle, Papuans, raucous, vixens, neoteny, atop, stoney, clay, you, excur, runes, letters.


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