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Nostradamus C6 Q26: Europes religious rules quarantined brides to prevent leprosy.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are two verses that carry anagrams for quarantined and neither arises out of an obvious French phrasing nor do they use the same ordering of letters in the original text. The verse below has some highly complex anagrams that sit alongside that of quarantined and they make sequences that deliver meaning to both the text and each other.

The story in both C3 Q73 and C6 Q26 is one of fabricating the need for a quarantine in order to avoid making moral decisions at a time of war and pending flood.

The anagrams in this current verse that provide understanding of its prophecy include:

sequialteran generalises agileness uninebriated intent quarantined quadrant
Quatre ans le ſiege quelque peu bien tiendra

uninsured bridal alibi deny used divine device wiser Venus devise
Vn ſuruiendra libidineux devie

poverties protensive erosive preventions Norn unites so Nordien art pisteen nature
Rauenne et Piſe Veronne ſouſtiendront

Apep envy Europe revels reveal oxide clear leperous
Pour eſleuer la croix de Pape enuie.

The verse below offers the means of timing the quarantine event that affects the papacy.

For four years the Siege is somewhat well-held.
One libidinous in life will succeed to it:
Ravenna, Pisa and Verona will give support,
Longing to elevate the Papal cross.
Quatre ans le ſiege quelque peu bien tiendra
Vn ſuruiendra libidineux devie
Rauenne et Piſe Veronne ſouſtiendront
Pour eſleuer la croix de Pape enuie.
  1. <alertneSs Quarantined><trained Sesquialteran ( 2 to 3)><Quadrant generaliSes> agileneSs uninebriated intend
  2.  <uuiSer Vein unvexed><bridal uuinners / uninsure><libra ruined VenuS dive / vied>uninSured
  3. <So none intrudeS on natuRe VerSe><nePtunee eVersion [turning inside out]> eroSiVe PreVentionS PoVertieS ProtenSiVe [extended in time]
  4. <euroPeS aPep oxide uein (vein) ><lePerouS rule>
1: sesquialteran, uninebriated, preventions, uninsured, bridal, oxide,
2: quarantined, protensive, poverties, quadrant, uuinners, uninsure, unvexed,
3: alibi,
4: generalises, quadrante, agileness, eversion, erosive, Noones, 
5: intend,
6: Veronne,
7: intrudes,
8: enseals,
9: alertness, croix, Libra,
10: diuine, Carlo,
11: -
12: unrailed, diex,
13: interned, Antares, elegies, pits,
14: revise,
15: leperous,
16: Albi / Bali, aqua, over,
17: -
18: uranate,
19: Europes, uueep,
20: -
21: -
22: uuiser, Europe,
23: leuees, sleeue.

sequialteran, uninebriated, winners, alibi, uninsured, bridal, preventions, protensive, poverties, quarantined, generalises, erosive, Europe's, Veronne, weep, intend, agileness, alertness, enseals, Libra, Venus, Antares, elegies, leperous, uranate, wiser, eversion.




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