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Nostradamus C6 Q28: The clone from 'Christs DNA' leads his followers into war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are strong reasons for believing this verse is a continuation of the theme on the Christ gene. This story exists whether or not it has a factual base but it is its existence that implies somber events may well arise from this belief especially since science makes their dreams fulfillment possible.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Andromedas dead Romans enlarged Celt quiet reenter
Le grand Celtique entrera dedans Rome

Name meant adams exile beset beast absent sin ban admixes
Menant amas d'exiles et bannis

enlarged pasture matter Tamar Roma tutor mouth male danger updates
Le grand paſteur mettra a mort tout homme

quins quip our rule set-equation plateaus
Qui pour le coq eſtoient aux Alpes vnis.

# Tamar: name given to women of enlightenment in sacred royal line of David.
The great Celt will enter Rome,
Leading a throng of the exiled and banished
The great Pastor will put to death every man
Who was united at the Alps for the cock.
Le grand Celtique entrera dedans Rome
Menant amas d'exiles et bannis
Le grand paſteur mettra a mort tout homme
Qui pour le coq eſtoient aux Alpes vnis
L1: <~reCtangled LoRdsname quieten reader~><quiet danCer reenter andRomedas Leg><~retarded aLmoneRs queen leCti (bed) danger~><Romans enter quite enLarged dread> <edda reenter a graeL seRmon> <danes equine trader><Romans quiet enter dread calend>querent

L2: <~sextile sin mandates naMe ban~><~atamans exiled Men absent sin~><exile beast>admixesS

L3: <danger upStream morta (name of Fate) treat><morta to mouth paStured matter><~ur paSted el em to mouth tetragram-maton><enLarge term tamar (Jesus daughter) updateS><graeL pedantS mutter memo>S

L4: <qestione is svn plAteaux our Quip><rule coqotes><eqationes pvlse uxA sin>
1: Andromedas, admixes, retarded, mouth,
2: rectangled, plateaux, upstream, updates, axtual,
3: Sadam,
4: mandates, sextile, Gemel (2x),
5: querent, quips,
6: grandpas, pedants, exiled, mutter,
7: reglanced, absent, 
8: Lords-name, quieten,
9: matures, candle / calend, quins, untax, 
10: aroma, Tamar,
11: muster, lax,
12: pastured, almoners, diex,
13: morsel, equine, exile(s), Neman,
14: -
15: retard / trader,
16: sermon, pad,
17: grandpa, dearer / reader / reared, 
18: pasture, beset,
19: norms, errant,
20: beta / beat, hut,
21: quilt, queen.
22: -
23: -

Andromedas, admixes, retarded, mouth, updates, rectangled, plateaux, upstream, actual, mandates, sextile, Gemel, querent, quips, grandpas, pedants, exiled, reglanced, mutter, absent, Lords-name, quieten, quins, Tamar, calend, matures, almoners, untax, pastured, Roma, exile(s), queen, sermon, beset, equine, trader, errant, norms.




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