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Nostradamus C6 Q29: Mother of Jesus clone has difficulties coming to terms with her warrior son.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse follows on from the previous verse C6 Q28 with the story of the Royal Jesus blood line. In this verse there is an anagram for Daesh which is consistent with the common thread of an Islamic barbarian sect. The term 'razes' used in the last line can also mean the district along the Aude River near Carcassone and on the trail to Nostradamus' ancestral Jewish home in the Pyrenees. The last line also has commonality with the barbaric tone surrounding the invader which is given by the anagram Tamerlane found in other verses. Tamerlane, like Daesh, had a reputation for beheading those who opposed his invasions. The saintly widow in the first line has relevance to the anagram of Tamar hidden within the previous verse.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

safe-values in antecedent swollen leaves alleles now few
La vefue ſaincte entendant les nouuelles

our reassembled text amuse textor double seers blue pimpernels seeds 
De ſes rameaux mis en perplex et trouble

appraise Apapis lesser sequel queer seller quells adviser pact  equalisers
Qui ſera duict appaiſer les querelles

comb personal fears Daesh Cahours de Razes unproposable arch frees comparable Son
Par ſon pourchas des razes fera comble

# alleles: An allele, or allel, is one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene or same genetic locus.
The saintly widow hearing the news,
Of her offspring placed in perplexity and trouble
He who will be instructed to appease the quarrels,
He will pile them up by his pursuit of the Razes (shaven heads).
La vefue ſaincte entendant les nouuelles
De ſes rameaux mis en perplex et trouble
Qui ſera duict appaiſer les querelles
Par ſon pourchas des razes fera comble
L1: <SafevaLue encite / entice><antecedent Leaves fuSe lents nouuell><lent suuollen><suuollen Leaves infuscate lent><~nouu fevu aLleles in lents antecedent Sea~><cainS tenet enslated nouuell seaL>

L2: <our text reaSsembled><pen mixes><uxa pimpernels><blue SeeD><~examines-upper arms><Seers prepen double letterx><expel tutor><or reDSeas text blue> boulDer bleeDS

L3: <perSia pact sequel iS uaried><seller appraiSe a riSQue sequel><ell eQualiSers><queer ell realiSes>,uaried act reapplieS><leSser queer Squire sell>iSrael

L4: <~unPropoSable coma frees razes chards (beet)~><croup harassed ParSon><razes chards fees coMparable><cahours parSon><refaces mob Paroles upon arch><daesh comb razes PerSonal fears>ruach
1: antecedent, examines-upper, unproposable, textor, reassembled, infuscate, safe-value, expel,
2: comparable, pimpernels, equalisers, troubled, reapplies, harassed, letterx, quells, bleeds, 
3: suuollen, redouble, boulder, perplex, Apapis, leaves,
4: refaces, mixes, 
5: Cahours, crashed, Nouuels, text, mix,
6: appraise, erazes, Razes,
7: alleles,
8: queller, cofear, Ruach, crash,
9: shades, Daesh, heads / hades, vales,
10: propanes, personal, Cahour, double, feuv,
11: -
12: -
13: realises, bleed,
14: -
15: uaried, farce,
16: resiles,
17: nouuell, amuxe, bled,
18: aduiser, chased, uuell,
19: coma, upon, raze,
20: realise,
21: risque / squire, resell /seller,
22: Redseas,
23: trouble.

antecedent, textor, examines-upper, unproposable, swollen, leaves, perplex, Apapis, reassembled, mixes, comparable, pimpernels, equalisers, infuscate, safe-value, expel, troubled, letters, reapplies, harassed, Cahour, bleeds, quells, farces, Nowels, text, mix, appraise, Razes, alleles, personal, cofear, few, realise, Daesh, double, propanes, adviser, varied, farce, chased, well, upon, risque, coma, seller, trouble, Redseas.


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