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Nostradamus C6 Q43: Empress who negotiates the eugenics of her people.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Nostradamus' text is cunningly built to conceal a relevant tale while giving the impression it is talking about something else. In this verse the surface message seems to be about river estuaries affected by unexpected flooding. The anagrams take us on a different journey whereby an Empress negotiates with eugenists as to how to control those in her realm who she considers imperfect. The rivers named help to place the events in Europe while implying the action involves the cessation of the flow of liquids created during the act of insemination. Both themes unite when they are seen as tales of forced chemical contraception enacted by her soldiers who enforce her decrees while deceived as to their purpose.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Earths negotiable Empress repass bit sanest Hebraist resets
Long temps ſera ſans eſtre habitee

serious tumorigeneses rousing eugenist gene germinates nature our errant native user outseeing genius meetings
Ou Signe et Marne autour vient arrouſer

delete deal estimate timestream meet varia[n]t matter extent
De la Tamiſe et martiaux tentee

reduce use rega[r]dless redundancies Europes predation decrees exclude
Deceux les gardes en cuidant repouſer

C6 Q43

For a long time will she remain uninhabited,
Around where the Seine and the Marne she comes to water
Tried by the Thames and warriors,
The guards deceived in trusting in the repulse.
Long temps ſera ſans eſtre habitee
Ou Signe et Marne autour vient arrouſer
De la Tamiſe et martiaux tentee
Deceux les gardes en cuidant repouſer.
  1. <negotiabLe aS an empreSs Sets her><hear Sanest bit aS empresSs><breatheS it>
  2. <eugeniSt rOuSe><our SeriouS unrotative enrageMent> <Our native MeetingS our nature><gerMinates uuOrSe roar> <tuMOrigeneSes our native nature>
  3. <eStimate extent arm Deal><i extenuateD a timeStream Tale~>
  4. <~uxe redudancies reproSecuteD gales~><~operant uSer excluDe audiences grades ~><excluDe europeS censured ages><intrudance seed><~excluDe uSer predation ages censured~> <unprecautioned Decrees>
1: unprecautioned, tumorigeneses, redundancies, reprosecuted, negotiable, unrotative, intrudance, extenuated, enragement, breathes, extent,
2: redudancies, timestream, meetings, estimate, breath,
3: germinates, outseeing, germinate, audiences, Hebraist, censured,
4: eugenist, igneous, iuxta, using, Brahe,
5: predation, reascend, reduces / rescued / secured, assents, decree(s),
6: -
7: adiunct, Naditu, empress, delete,
8: serious, native, genius,
9: -
10: earths / hearts, reduce,
11: induces,
12: portunes, arena,
13: Malta, next,
14: exclude, invert, creeds / screed,
15: -
16: posture / Proetus / Proteus,
17: -
18: portune, uranate, elated, earth / heart / thera, creed,
19: reducex, Europes, grades, errant, gales,
20: operant, habit,
21: tuuo.
22: -
23: -

Empress, breathes, tumorigeneses, eugenist, negotiable, redundancies, germinates, decrees, audiences, predation, serious, native, genus, breathes, timestream, extent, Hebraist, estimate, outseeing, predation, Brahe, meetings, decrees, delete,  genius, Malta , reduce, Europes, next, Earths, habit.


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