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Nostradamus C6 Q60: A Mayor whose fraud upsets experiments to create a clone from Bourbon line.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The focal point of this verse is identified via the towns named in the third line of text and the anagrams for Henric ( rince h) d'Albret ( rt de Bla). In 1568 together with his mother Jeanne d'Albret Henry fled from the Spanish and French Catholic troops to the Protestant-held town of La Rochelle. This was well before the Prince of Navarre became King of France and gave up his puritan ( u par int) leanings. The other anagrams relate this tale to a modern setting in which a financial fraud is performed by a mayor ( ar moy) who is an investor in experiments to clone a pterosaur ( ſtre Au port) from a relic ( ir Cel). The composite picture created by this means tells us the places central to this future story and the lineage of those behind the cloning scheme that is present in the tales of Nostradamus.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

quiet peril Enoch encipher Henric shore denotes retoric on Torrens relic
Le Prince hors de ſon terroir Celtique

hydrate cue Epicurean puritan reinterpret Easter
Sera trahy deceu par interprete

exclude armory requir[e] our anchor hell ape reduces
Rouan Rochelle par ceux de l'Armorique

d'Albret blade educe pause Mayor money preset best pterosaur tabled
Au port de Blaue deceus par moyne et prebſtre

# Henri d'Albret: became Henry IV of France; son of Jeanne d'Albret who with his mother took refuge in La Rochelle in 1568, the year of Nostradamus' death.
The Prince outside his Celtic land
Will be betrayed, deceived by the interpreter
Rouen, La Rochelle through those of Brittany
At the port of Blaye deceived by monk and priest.
Le Prince hors de ſon terroir Celtique
Sera trahy deceu par interprete
Rouan Rochelle par ceux de l'Armorique
Au port de Blaue deceus par moyne et prebſtre
L1: <~(enoch Peril) / necroPhiLe reCoil quiet dreSs not err~><rods enciPher noteS><denoteS orse / chores><note chieron dreSs><herods / hordes noteS><quilt rePeL / PuriLe >enrich /henric niche

L2: <hardy epicurean><Steeper terrain hydrate><puritan cede hay retreatS><arreSt interpreter><printer / reprint reSet>pertain

L3: <~ouR ell anchoR reducex morAl ape quire~><ouR anchor replace moral(e) quire uxed> <~ouR ell anchoR exclude roma quire rape~><~coRan hell exclude ouR romA quire rape~>axled chore exude

L4: <pneometry (spirometry) pause><Serb pet money protuBerated (bulged out)><europA debt><prebet pteroSAur deBt money><peter beSt europA money d'alBret due><mayor repent berAteS><debtor rAteS up><peter breASt pour anymore><paronym seduce peter>
1: protuberated, interpreters / reinterprets, necrophile, pneometry, paronyms, encipher, hydrate,
2: interpreter, Epicurean, debtor, hardy / hydra,
3: pterosaur, anymore, d'Albret, Romney,
4: puritan, yeomen, 
5: denotes,
6: interpret, Cheiron, retreats, tabled, hell,
7: anchor, enrich / Henric, mayor,
8: peurile,
9: axled,
10: berates / rebates, money,
11: repeaters, recoil,
12: replace, barest / breast,
13: -
14: exclude, morale,
15: printer / reprint, Europa,
16: chores, Herods / hordes / Rhodes, niche,
17: pertain, bled,
18: pasture, seduce, Enoch, moral, blade, ramps, excur, 
19: reducex,
20: rioter, debt,
21: deport, quilt, parcel,
22: -
23: deluxe, armor, relic.

necrophile, pneometry, hydrate, protuberated, reinterprets, interpreter, encipher, paronyms, denotes, Henric, d'Albret, puritan, hardy, yeomen, anchor, Epicurean, pterosaur, relic, debtor, retreats, Romney, hell, enrich, mayor, rebates, tabled, money, recoil, replace, barest, morale, printer, exclude, Europa, chores, Herods, niche, petain, Enoch, bled , pasture, reduces, rioter, debit.

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