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Nostradamus C6 Q62: European financial intrigues over medical treament costs.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse names Belgium, Prague and southern France as central locations that accept radical treatments for old-fashioned illnesses such as leprosy and sexual disease.

Anagrams that will determine this verse's meaning include:

Eudoxus used less fuel portends users unreported dues protest protrated
Trop tard tous deux les fleurs ſeront perdues

Peyroles Fontevarud word favoured a far reaction all loyal present
Contre la loy ſerpent ne voudra faire

guile refocus for space Graal allots confounds use
Des ligueurs forces par gallots confondues

USA on Belgian Prague Roman Enoch charge damn  treasury
Sauone Albingue par monech grand martyre.

# Eudoxus: a highly rated early Greek astronomer and mathematician
Too late both the flowers will be lost,
The serpent will not want to act against the law:
The forces of the Leaguers confounded by the French
Savona, Albenga through Monaco great martyrdom.
Trop tard tous deux les fleurs ſeront perdues
Contre la loy ſerpent ne voudra faire
Des ligueurs forces par gallots confondues
Sauone Albingue par monech grand martyre.
  1. <proudesT norSe fluxes rules to dart >< proTest unreported><portend proTeus dart used to lux sef rules> unproTested prosTrated
  2. <~preSent alloy / loyal reCreation unfavored~><preSent fontevraud [monastery where Angevin rulers buried]><afraid peyroleS [ in Pyrenees] toleranCe> forniCate leproSy eleCtron devour
  3. <~guile confounds seeDs all to force user grasp~>allots
  4. <uSa artery Alone upbearing><uSa alone retry damn roman charge><no belgiAn treaSury>prague enabling
1: Fontevraud, confounds, unreported, upbearing, unfavored, Peyroles, treasury, leprosy, fluxes, martyr,
2: unprotested, selenolatry, arefaction, prostrated, guideless, prostrate, enabling, Algenib / belgian, forceps, sounded, denudes, ferrous, Algol,
3: refraction, estuary, allots, sudden, toll,
4: fornicate, Eudoxus, selfrule, portend, prudent / uptrend, artery,
5: recreation, proudest / postured, romance, protest, colts / clots,
6: coeternal / tolerance, osprey, afraid, allot,
7: Tierceron, Panurge, Scorpea, reputed,
8: loyaler, guiles, found, retry,
9: charge, forces, grasp, gall,
10: creation / reaction, alloys, refuels,
11: undoes,
12: -
13: -
14: detours, Prague, slides,
15: devour, furs,
16: Proteus / Proetus / posture, sorely, capes, space, Albi / Bali,
17: grandma, respy / pyres / preys, atop, lost,
18: present / serpent, alloy, loyal, Enoch, fraud, fuels,
19: guile,
20: vuord, alone, years, feels, flees,
21: ousted, greuu, Tyre,
22: Armand, capers / pacers / scrape, Tudor,
23: deluxe.

Fontevarud, confounds, Peyroles, unfavored, treasury, selenolatry, martyr, unreported, leprosy, fluxes, Belgian, prostrated, enabling, sudden, toll, Eudoxus, portend, prudent, postured, recreation, loyaler, Panurge, found, reputed, guiles, undoes, forces, charge, retry, grasp, alloys, reaction, Prague, devour, Proteus, serpent, Enoch fraud, alone, feels, years, word, ousted, Armand, Tyre, Tudor.


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