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Nostradamus C6 Q76: Human experimentation on the ill and dying.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The anagrams of this verse are as curious as the themes in its text but together they describe the act of sacrificial slaughter with the anagrams delivering the idea this is done upon people afflicted with serious illness.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

 glacier equitant inadequate entoner free ogre legacy
La cite antique d'antenoree forge

pulser weapons want latent yarns support sunray report
Plus ne pouuant le tyran ſupporter

Gregor Mancel mutate fanatic fetch impunctate couple complete purge  regroup mutafacient fate
Le manchet fainct au temple couper gorge

leproma papule normative ventromedial broaden route about illnesses trouble
Les ſiens le peuple a mort viendra bouter
The ancient city the creation of Antenor,
Being no longer able to bear the tyrant:
The feigned handle in the temple to cut a throat,
The people will come to put his followers to death.
La cite antique d'antenoree forge
Plus ne pouuant le tyran ſupporter
Le manchet fainct au temple couper gorge
Les ſiens le peuple a mort viendra bouter.
L1: <~an aL gore note cite quiet and free~><tenor of dane quite neat gLacier> inadequate EQUITANT

L2: <Plus report Spun ray uueapon lent><Sun ray latent prop> UUEAPONS TALENT SUNRAY

L3: <mute antic fetch name><gregor manceL>.<complete purge><the mutafacient [mutilating] couple.<the mute fanatic couple><couple fate gregor manceL impunctate [remove spots]><complete regroup><couple mutate>

L4: <temporal invader><reaLiSes ventromedial spleen up> <LeSser lines about><obdurate normative><broaden true iLlneSses><palermo /leproma [ nodular leprosy lesion]>unaborted MORALE RESOLUTE INVERT
1: ventromedial, mutafacient, inadequate, unaborted, mutate, Gregor,
2: impunctate, inequitate, normative, sterileness, supporter, complete, uueapons,
3: cartilege, temporal, Poenulus, prorogue, compel, couple,
4: unstopper, obdurate, support, glacier, uueapon, Quieda, about, uuant, 
5: pteropus, recouple, fanatic, Mancel, sunray, fetch,
6: -
7: illnesses, leproma / Palermo, regroup, spleen, purge, spun,
8: equitant, broaden, legaci, broad, yarns,
9: gorge,
10: routeless, AlGore,
11: resolute,
12: -
13: tireless,
14: progue, invert, morale, runas,
15: enamel,
16: resiles, bard,
17: proge,
18: latent / talent,
19: brand, bout,
20: -
21: derivant, Tyre,
22: recoup, report / porter, faint, fate,
23: trouble.

Gregor Mancel, purge, illnesses, fanatic couple, impunctate, mutafacient, mutate, leproma, spleen, ventromedial, complete, normative, weapon, about, sunray, support, inadequate, glacier, fetch, spleen, leproma, illnesses, fanatic, broaden, legacy, resolute, yarns, invert, morale, bard, talent, brand, latent, trouble, Tyre, fate, report.


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