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Nostradamus C6 Q78: Fertility drugs impede readiness for a Mediterranean war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus suggests there is a calendar based on the stars that is used when taking fertility drugs. This concept of a menstrual cycle is well known in modern times but it is presented here because it impacts on a particular womans ability to be ready for a mid Mediterranean war.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

certain river erotic DNA drug lines Saints narcosis dangers rued
Crier victoire du grand Selin croiſſant

paler Moiras (Fates) normalise sirens romanises Galilea Algeria camel
Par les Romains ſera l'Aigle clame

intense contents CCI (201) inelegant alignment conines sent
Ticcin Milan et Gennes n'y conſent

pauperism Priapus measure misassemble girls Grail calendar upraise
Puis par eux meſmes Baſil grand reclame
To proclaim the victory of the great expanding Selin
By the Romans will the Eagle be demanded,
Pavia, Milan and Genoa will not consent thereto,
Then by themselves the great Lord claimed.
Crier victoire du grand Selin croiſſant
Par les Romains ſera l'Aigle clame
Ticcin Milan et Gennes n'y conſent
Puis par eux meſmes Baſil grand reclame
L1: <i urged irelandS><ungraded lineS><linc aStrionicCS evictor rude dangers><and NarcoSis drug lineS>SanSCrit ironic river Certain arSoniSt

L2: <gAlilea Romanisers rePeals calm><ArSenals aim><Pamela almonRies><AlgeriaS sin><Roma Aerial Sins resamPle

L3: <in Mil cci an [ year 1201] conTentS><~enn syne ic (99) ci(101) aliGnMent / laMentinG~>elatinG

L4: <grander aSSemBlies persia camel uP> <girl Pauperism calendar baSes uxe emmS><Priapus [fertility god] uxe grander camel miSaSsemBle> <aruspex [soothsayer] miSaSsemBle grander camel><Seem ux upraise / Piraeus amPle Basis >
1: ironic, assemblies, misassemble, romanisers, Algerias,
2: alignment / lamenting, pauperism, inelegant, girls,
3: astrionics, slandering, almonries, normalise, contents, Sanscrit, evictor,
4: reductio, arsenals, Victor, meaxure,
5: darling, Priapus, ailment, murexes, grails, ccii, girl,
6: entangle, rainless, murex,
7: narcosist, calendar, aerials, pamela, calmer / Marcel, river,
8: resample, elating, gelatin, legaci, cradle,
9: narcosis, Galilea, aruspex,
10: underdrag,
11: Irelands, salaries, sciron, calm (2x), bases,
12: linc,
13: vmorsel, bass, coy,
14: grail, basis,
15: arsonist,
16: certain, Piraeus / upraise, Moiras,
17: argued, aerial, oasis, cci,
18: elegant, crier,
19: -
20: grandeur, consent,
21: -
22: erotic, camel (2x),
23: lends.

Algeria, Galilea, Gallia, Roman, ironic, narcosis, drug contents, pauperism, alignment, girls, misassemble, astrionic, inelegant, bases, normalise, Sanscit, entangle, calendar, Priapus, aerial, ailment, river, murexes, calm, cradle, Moiras, upraise, Irelands, grail, basis, certian, elegant, grandeur, lends, erotic, consent.


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