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Nostradamus C6 Q79: Details of the false dust scam used to control the populace.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

In this verse Nostradamus talks of bandits and rogues who, in order to scare the populace into following their schemes, promote the idea of a deadly disease created by scientists.

Anagrams able to give meaning to this verse include:

Peers insulted unestablished Saint deployer bandits used pre-studies instead she reasonedly abstained
Pres du Teſin les habitans de Loyre

Estienne innate genitor originate nitrogen danger as none ignored organ Senate derogating Norn integration
Garonne et Saonne Seine Tain et Gironde

omens stressed redress proton molester monitor solemnest route motion
Outre les monts dreſſeront promontoire

conflicted on Apen guard encode erbiums scaring condone Prague germ merge incumbers
Conflict donne Pau granci ſubmerge onde
Near the Ticino the inhabitants of the Loire,
Garonne and Saone, the Seine, the Tain and Gironde
They will erect a promontory beyond the mountains,
Conflict given, Po enlarged, submerged in the wave
Pres du Teſin les habitans de Loyre
Garonne et Saonne Seine Tain et Gironde
Outre les monts dreſſeront promontoire
Conflict donne Pau granci ſubmerge onde
L1: <it reasonedLy has bit inSulTed Peers> <it reasonedLy uneSTablished><redePLoy unreSisted saint sheba><Peers inSulTed she abstain><~instead sheba lineS redePLoy dusT~><Leo inhales bandits Pyre> <Peers duTies / unliSTed>

L2: <none See danGer oriGinaTe on Senate><deroGatinG norn><Genitor danGer none sate none><nitroGen Grade> inTeGration orientinG iGnored / neGroid innaTe

L3: <~redreSS proton monitor solemnest rOute~><solemn promotion StreSsed not re-route><into solemner moon moron rOute StreSsed><resOlute omens StreSsed>

L4: <Submanic Prague contend><no Submanic Panurge Conflicted><enCode germ><a Panurge incumberS> <Condone merge>
1: unestablished, integration, derogating, incumbers, orienting, submanic,
2: reasonedly, originate, insultees, bandits, scaring,
3: conflicted, promotion, insulted, unlisted, inhales, studies, racing,
4: submerge, molester, desserts, stressed,
5: unresisted, redeploys, solemnest, deployer, nostrdme, redeploy, nitrogen, abstain, Estienne, moor, room,
6: abthain, erbiums, Sheba,
7: condone, genitor, utensil, panurge,
8: monitor, contend, habits, innate, yodel,
9: ignored /negroid, smelter,
10: -
11: resolute, motion, merge,
12: encode, moron, embus, tiger,
13: saleh,
14: Prague,
15: ntones, duties / suited,
16: proton,
17: -
18: instead, reroute, giro, dust,
19: moon,
20: habit, redress,
21: oannes, hiba,
22: conflict, argo,
23: Senate, lends.

derogating, unestablished, integration, incumbers, bandits, reasonedly, originate, studies, stressed, molester, submerge, unresisted, solemnest, deployer, condone, nitrogen, Estienne, abstain, erbiums, genitor, utensil, smelter, ignored, innate, motion, resolute, moron, encode, moon, tiger, proton, suited, Prague, instead, redress, dust, habit, Senate, conflict, lends.

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