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Nostradamus C6 Q95: The link of Malaysian airlines MH370 to nuclear metals numbers and war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

There are many anagrams in this verse that affirm the idea that Nostradamus did conceal his secrets through the anagrams and the text. This quatrain has very strong links to C6 Q81 which has a concentration of both numeric and radoactive metal terms in its anagrams. In these two verses the only anagrams for Laurencium (ur calumnie) occur. This is a very short-life transition element and the word transit (ant iſtr) occurs as an anagram in the second line of C6 Q95. Also numerical (r calumnie),  fraction (ront faic) and accurate (acteur ca) occur in this verse thereby reinforcing the use of numbers as a meaningful cipher. And the fraction cipher occurs in two lines of this verse with only one other occurrence in the remainder of the Prophecies which further strengthens the likelihood it is in this verse as an act of choice not chance alone.

Other anagrams such as Malaysian, anemometers, anomaly and remoteness may well mean this verse has relevance to Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappearance. If this event is the reference point used by Nostradamus then we can assume its disappearance will have a military aspect in its demise; one that will fuel the future wars seen by Nostradamus. From the threads in these anagrams and the verses text it appears we can expect this mystery to shape significant events into the foreseeable future.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

true tract depart accurate laurencium any numerical sin is up
Par detracteur calumnie a puis nay

quaint fraction factions sect cremations remoteness manometers  anemometers traumatise - meteors transit USA section
Quant iſtront faicts enormes et martiaux

Malaysian domain departur
[e] anomaly by use any ai[r]lanes
La moindre part dubieuſe a l'aiſnay

outrages seen seafront foresent factions part USA party test
Et toſt au regne ſeront faicts partiaux
Calumny against the cadet by the detractor,
When enormous and warlike deeds will take place:
The least part doubtful for the elder one,
And soon in the realm there will be partisan deeds.
Par detracteur calumnie a puis nay
Quant iſtront faicts enormes et martiaux
La moindre part dubieuſe a l'aiſnay
Et toſt au regne ſeront faicts partiaux.
  1. <any trace dePart><accurate><numerical><dysPareunia [painful sex] laurencium trace>
  2. <Quaint iuxta [side by side]><matter faction transit><~matter sent iS Quaint uxa morse fraction~><meteors transfection> <cremations front><fraction set iS Quaint monster stream><timestream fornicates>remoteness traumatise anemometers manometers
  3. <maLaySian seal preordain><uSe part i dub><paLindrome><anomaLy in aliaS uSe><raimond depart>
  4. <urge to-teSt a fraction parts seen juxta [side-by-side]><tExt outrageS parts fraction Seen><Seafront genre><parts genre it fornicateS>
  1. dyspareunia, accurate, anemometers, transfection, Malaysian, palindrome, anomaly
  2. numerical (see C.06 Q.81), Laurencium (see C.06 Q.81), manometers, traumatise, timestream,
  3. fraction (2 x)
  4. fornicate, Salesian,  iuxta,
  5. remoteness, cremations, outrages, mistreat, molay, text,
  6. preordain, tract,
  7. fornicates (2 x), creations / reactions
  8. reimond, domain, nimrod, meteors
  9. transit, matters,
  10. Raimond, Tarared, reneges,
  11. seafront
  12. -
  13. faction (2 x), notices / section, bud / dub,
  14. afront (2 x), pacts,
  15. retard / trader,
  16. rapist, sermon,
  17. -
  18.  forsent, mates / teams / steam, alum,
  19.  acute,
  20. taints, alias,
  21. master / stream, faint (2 x),
  22. alia.

Key Ideas:

Malaysian, accurate, numerical, laurencium, fraction, faction, transfection, cremations, remoteness, traumatise, anemometers, manometers, anomaly, fornicates, outrages, mistreat, Salesian, seafront, foresent, meteors, transit , Nimrod, domain, section.


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