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Nostradamus C7 Q14: He who comes to expose the false topography.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is another extraordinary verse where the anagrams used by Nostradamus  are patently telling us powerful secrets about his verses. The fourth line is dominated by anagrammatic clusters such as quatreins, poets verse and our poetries channels. These occur as adjacent anagrams and have low probability of chance generation since they are too pertinent, too inter-related and too rare for it to be otherwise. In addition they fit to an interpretation of the visible text in which Nostradamus is telling us about the person in the future who will reveal the hidden layers in his work. It also implies that these revelations will cause religious controversy to thrive and for the old value systems to be questioned.

The angrams providing the frame for the meaning of this verse include:

USA exposes uses proves invader predation overstrained propagator graph
Faux expoSer viendra topographie

Norse Celts lectures crushed womens omens summonsed demons wrote seers consulter menus
Seront les cruches des monumens ouuertes

cruellest phoneticalise pantheic oil Ophis Philo leap lull secret antics
Palluler Secte Saincte philoSophie

our quaint quatreins verse Ur Poets labour channels poetries reputations
Pour blanches noires et pour antiques vertes
He will come to expose the false topography,
the urns of the tombs will be opened.
Sect and holy philosophy to thrive,
black for white and the new for the old.

Faux expoSer viendra topographie,
Seront les cruches des monumens ouuertes.
Palluler Secte Saincte philoSophie,
Pour blanches noires et pour antiques vertes.

Anagrams hidden in the French Text

  1. <propagator driven uxe expoSe><invader topograph exposurex>
  2. <norSe celts crushed uuomens true omens><Seers uurote ones he summonsed> <she Sees uuomens true demons>
  3. <philo ioSeph Pall rule Sect><loopS /Spool/ Pools pantheic secrets><Sect rule phoneticaliSe all ><ancestries>
  4. <Poets verse><quatreins><quite runa poetries alnubr chosen><channels our poetries><Poets chosen alnubr reputation rise>

There are only singular occurrences of  both poetries and channels and there are no anagrams other than those in this verse for poets-verse or poetries-channels even as composite anagrams. There are no occurrences where poets and verse appear as whole but separate anagrams in the same line and only four other places where the jumbled lettering of these two words is found in two parts. There are no split anagrams at all for 'poetries-channels'. So the fact that these two word pairs appear as adjacent anagrams in different parts of the same line cannot easily be dismissed as the product of chance.

The anagrams tell us that the person who unveils the prophecies will gain his reputation by his publication of the cruellest verses with themes reminiscent of the pantheism in the works of both Philo and Joseph. There are many cruel verses that can validate these words as shown in my papers titled Mutations, Floods, Fire in the Sky and Nostradamus on War.

  1. phoneticalise, propagator, summonsed, exposurex, pantheic, channels, popeish, crushed, alnubr, proves, graph,
  2. Ioseph, reputation(s), churnable, consulter, subpolar, summoned, uuomens, Polish, Sophie, hoops,
  3. overstrained, cruellest, reselects, poetries, cluster, ouuners / uuorsen,
  4. quatreins, loops /spool/pools, eversion, inshore, uteruses, tevets, Ophis,
  5. expose, ancestries, secrets, demoness, predation, resistance,
  6. posturer, reselect, Philo
  7. cruelest / lectures, labour, chosen / Enochs, shone / hones,
  8. -
  9. inquest
  10. antiques, quatrein,
  11. heeds,
  12. poets,
  13. restores, Chesed,
  14. ordinate, respite, revise,
  15. -
  16. -
  17. demons, atop, menu,
  18. shed, pox,
  19. Celts, poet,
  20. uuoes / ouues, harp,
  21. derivant, souu, hip (2x),
  22. Argo,
  23. electrons.

poets verse, poetries channels, reputation, phoneticalise, propagator, overstrained, reputations, summonsed, pantheic, subpolar, consulter, cruellest, quatrein, predation, Philo, pantheism, proves, Polish, womens, demons, secret cult, worsen, Joseph, inshore, antiques, lectures.


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