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Nostradamus C7 Q18: The Jesus clone revels in uproar and intrigue between Islam and the West.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The text in this verse is about the tribulations of the gang that controls the Jesus-clones and his maturation into a warrior dedicted to promoting their cause. The anagrams of this verse tell us that while in the Congo as a child the Jesus-clone learns to like uproar and the chism between the USA and Islam. His childhood is blighted by a leprous virus that affects his pigment.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

IS eclogues [short poems] lower result purchases less seals
Les aſſieges couloureront leurs paches

prefers foresent cruel lies IS issues Iesus step jot uproars
Sept jours apres feront cruelle iſſue

head person leprousness sporules funsafe Agens pigments Michal's pastime Islam chiasmal ache
Dans repoulſes feu ſang ſept mis a l'hache

assumed pact miseducates quiet queu' pivotal it issue Iesus studies
Dame captiue qu'auoit la paix tiſſue
The besieged will color their pacts,
but seven days later they will make a cruel exit
thrown back inside, fire and blood, seven put to the axe
the lady who had woven the peace is a captive.
Les aſſieges couloureront leurs paches
Sept jours apres feront cruelle iſſue
Dans repoulſes feu ſang ſept mis a l'hache
Dame captiue qu'auoit la paix tiſſue
L1: <not purchase less as sieges><uuorse rules control> chapels cheap eparchs chelsea caph alches cephas louuer chessel pasch pesach

L2: <prefers not ours><use cruel lies><issue spjte> issues jot uprears rule isus iesus centuries uproars forseen foreparents uses foresent sullies counter

L3: <leprousness fuse><unsafe pigments><and sporules ache><each person hails> caseharden chiasmal pastime leperous soul islam step angus septimal salih endears

L4: <it assumed cape quiet><taxi issue pact made><auu toil> uueaq medusa medea pumicate uuaqe quite isus piuotal iesus sixti sixtus equipt academe miseducates uses studies issued amused aduises tissue auuoqe
1: miseducates, caseharden, chiasmal, purchase, piuotal, empatic, assumed, academe, sixtus, sixti,
2: leprousness, foreparents, pouuerjets, pumicate, chapels, hails, salih,
3: pigments, studies, auuoqe, prefers,
4: eparchs, aduises, amused, medusa, issues, spjte,
5: issued, fuses,
6: sullies, chessel,
7: septimal, pastime, equipt, piquet,
8: uproars, suits,
9: sporules, chelsea,
10: taxi,
11: foresent, jot,
12: forsee,
13: forseen, upsete, louu, fess,
14: unsafe,
15: leperous, sieges, lasses, sits,
16: alches,
17: cephas, issue, iesus, iesus, issue,
18: forsent, uprears, chaps, pasch,
19: -
20: chesel, cheap, islam, head,
21: louuer,
22: medea, caps, usses,
23: result,

chiasmal, purchase, miseducates, assumed, leprousness, pigments, pivotal, eparchs, septimal, studies, advises, sporules, amused, Jesus, pastime, foresent, prefers, soul, uproars, USA, lower, Islam, result,i ssued, sail, unsafe, seas, caps, suits, head.

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