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Nostradamus C7 Q25: Nuclear options re-emerge in France and Middle-East during long 21stC war.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Depleted by long wars and in desperation a sect turns to the long- forbidden nuclear option. Their aim is to sell nuclear material that is held in waste storage sites around the world.

Anagrams that help in giving meaning to this verse include:

Prague upraise longer tongue outlets re-excite Piraeus
Par guerre longue tout l'exercite expuiſer

Queen power worlds warlords Tzar torrents portune counterpower
Que pour ſouldartz ne trouueront pecune

durationless denucleariser deliver reviled rod grade neutronic environ invader a evil secular crusader Durance curse
Lieu d'or d'argent cuir on viendra cuſer

oils Nigerians increasing descrations censoring scenarios oasis adroitness unsalted
Gualois aerain ſigne croiſſant de Lune
Through long war all the army exhausted,
so that they do not find money for the soldiers;
instead of gold or silver, they will come to coin
Gallic brass, and the crescent sign of the Moon.
Par guerre longue tout l'exercite expuiſer
Que pour ſouldartz ne trouueront pecune
Lieu d'or d'argent cuir on viendra cuſer
Gualois aerain ſigne croiſſant de Lune.
L1: <~epirus / uprise argue exult gun role to pre-excite~><piraeus urge exult<triumphal joy>rexcite><prague tongue exult excite uprise> to repairs longer upraise persia

L2: <queen counter-pouuer uuarlords tentz><uuorlds tzar><loud tzar pouuers>

L3: <~euil curse countering /recounting invader rad rod~><dour denucleariser granted><crusader environ deuil nonvaried><centurion invader curse> ruction secular regard neutronic deliuer cause sacredrune

L4: <desecrations sign iran oil sea lunge><oasis increasing><oil areas><oil sea nigerians narcosis><adroitness lunge><oil sea scenarios raising><oil scenario raising unsalted sea> ensign stands arsonist genic
1: counterpouuer, denucleariser, countering / recounting, increasing, centurion / neutronic, uuarlords, Nigerians, raising,
2: desecrations, censoring, preexcite, torrentz, UUorlds, excite, ratzen, tentz,
3: durationless, adroitness, crusader, environ, epoque, puxis,
4: Neuuport, unsalted, dartz, exult,
5: sustainedl, necrosis, ruction, Edouard, rouu-one, qneuu,
6: Ztar / Tzar,
7: narcosist, Sarcosine / scenarios, re-excite, Durance, stands, lunge,
8: re-uurote, cronies, crusade, secular, regrasp, porous,
9: narcosis,
10: tongue,
11: -
12: nonvaried,
13: deliuer, Gerard / regard,
14: longer, Prague, rouus,
15: eulogias, oil-usage, arsonist, cursa, aeria,
16: pouuers, Piraeus / upraise,
17: oasis,
18: portune, outlet, ouuner, cura,
19: ensign, reiect / recite,
20: repairs,
21: queen,
22: -
23: reuile / reliue.

denucleariser, counterpouuer, increasing, neutronic, warlords, Nigerians, raising, desecrations, durationless, censoring, narcosist, adroitness, Worlds, Newport, unsalted, secular, crusader, Durance, porous, environ, scenarios, Prague, tongue, portune.

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