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Nostradamus C8 Q1: Impact of 21stC floods on Nuclear facilities around N's homelands.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse begins with three emphasised names which approximate towns in the ancient kingdom of Navarre. They are located in the south western part of France in the Pyrenees which form a physical boundary between France and Spain. The Durance mentioned in the last line is near Nostradamus' home town of St Remy and to Salon where he lived while publishing the Prophecies.

The narrative of the text together with Pau Royal Navy (in capitals) in the anagrams only makes sense when read as a tale of modern times about disastrous floods affecting nuclear sites ('more of fire than blood'. Nuclear plants, of necessity, are based near rivers in order to cool the core of their reactors. Five hundred years after Nostradamus life ended many of the places he knew well such as Agen have nearby nuclear plants. More details on these relations are given in my papers on Nuclear events and Floods.

Anagrams proving the means of resolving this verse include:

Pau non-royal navy useful wakes aqua's angers
PAV NAY LORON plus feu qu'a ſang ſera

dual figure enrage argufier Arnaud and Xanadu  arrang[e]d surreal zeal
Laude nager fuir grand aux ſurrez

gales enter Seas sagas as referent Easterners refusal
Les agaſſas entree refuſera

map around nuclear pond decentralise eternalised resident Serrez apes retained
Pampon Durance les tiendra enſerrez.
Pau, Nay, Loron will be more of fire than blood,
to swim in praise, the great one to flee to the confluence
He will refuse entry to the 'agassas',
Pampon and the Durance will keep them confined.

PAV NAY LORON plus feu qu'a ſang ſera
Laude nager fuir grand aux ſurrez
Les agaſſas entree refuſera
Pampon Durance les tiendra enſerrez.
  1. <ANY VAPar uuaqeS agenS><useful aquaS (waterways)> ROYAL NAVY NON-ROYAL fuels
  2. <underage zeaL> argufier enraged / angered figure
  3. <~reaL Sagas uSe referent Seas~><~eaSterner refuSE SagaS seaL / saLe~><aS sage refuSal aSsent><aS gaLes re-enter Seas><Seas refuSe [garbage/ reLeaSe a gaS>
  4. <~maP nuclear ponD site near Serrez [Serres-Macedonia] end~><nuclear resident maP ponD><~nuclear ponD destine near Serrez maP~><enlisted near Serrez on maP><interlaces pounD><arounD map><uncleareD site> centralise uncentraliseD decentralise eternalised
1: uncentralised, nonroyal, argufier, xanadu, figure,  'map around', 'nuclear pond'
2: uncleared, anguifer, vapar, aquas, navy,
3: decentralise, referent,
4: eternalised, easterners, enlisted, serrez, lazer,
5: centralise / interlaces, assents, useful,
6: cleanest, nuclear unclear, refusal, saga,
7: Durance, sagas,
8: laagers, around,
9: Easterner, round,
10: errz (2x),
11: inserted / resident, Arnaud, zeal,
12: refuse,
13: Adrienne, cleaner,
14: royal, serener, destine, pound,
15: underage, furie,
16: reenters, aqueus / uuaqes,
17: pond,
18: endnear, fuels,
19: gales,
20: Nasau,
21: -
22: retained,
23: apez.

uncentralised, nonroyal, argufier, xanadu, figure,  'map around', 'nuclear pond', uncleared, anguifer, vapar, aquas, navy, decentralise, referent, eternalised, easterners, enlisted, serrez, lazer,  centralise / interlaces, assents, useful, cleanest, unclear, refusal, saga,  Durance, sagas, laagers, around, Easterner, round, resident, Arnaud, zeal, refuse, Adrienne, cleaner, royal, serener, destine, pound, underage, furie, reenters, waqes, pond, fuels, gales, Nasau, retained, apez.

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