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Nostradamus C8 Q5: Peacetime preparations for nuclear energy to replace petrol.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

Although the text of this verse seems obscure the existence of several anagrams make its terms quite clear. These anagrams include peacetime all agree, insulate propane ratios , cleaner, condensate, matters, nuclear, preparations, airports, cannot, tamper. These are not the only threads that can be found within the verse but their presence conveys a nuclear-energy versus propane power struggle which gives meaning to the text's shining ornate temple [nuclear power] and the lamp [nuclear] and the candle [petrol]. The time at which this occurs is determined by two anagramsfor Aapep and uranolites where Aapep is the alternate name for Apophis in modern times is the name of a comet while uranolites gives an old name for meteorites. These themes fit in closely with many of my papers such as Apophis, Fire in the Sky and Nuclear Mutations.

The details given above can be seen within the major anagrams which include:

airports mistreat temporalist propane ratios start Aapep uranolites preparations
Apparoiſtra temple luisant orne

all map peacetime receipt agree brute begroan a better evil
La lampe et cierge a Borne et Bretueil

nuclear cleaner condensate cannot store or respondent open proton-rule
Pour la Lucerne le canton deſtorne

Quacer clique cure evil quail and vendor overran large Dracon
Quand on verra le grand coq au cerceuil
There will appear a shining ornate temple,
the lamp and the candle at Borne and Breteuil.
For the canton of Lucerne turned aside,
when one will see the great cock in his shroud.
Apparoiſtra temple luisant orne
La lampe et cierge a Borne et Bretueil
Pour la Lucerne le canton deſtorne
Quand on verra le grand coq au cerceuil
L1: <multpersonal prepArationS><euil riotS resonant templar Appear> <ratioS Appear><uranolites Appear temporaliSt><lettermapS insulator><nestorian Star plumelet><pell miStreat> <templar riotS insulate Aapep><airportS pullies met><pullies matter> Start

L2: <aLl agree peacetime euil Born> <pamela cite iLl begroan Brute enter> ><pameLla recite Better euil><a iLl Barge lamp recite>

L3: <reSPondent to all our><cleaner Pouuer-call not Stored><nuclear rul-e not Stored><nuclear condenSate proton-rule><rul-e cannot oPen Stored nuclear>

L4: <cliQue cure a coq danger><large unique-land overran><and larger vendor acquire-clue><euil quacer cliQue clangored>
1: multi-personal, temporalist, pouuer-call, peacetime, nuclear-rule, plumelet, better,
2: preparations, condensate, letter-maps, insulator, pamella, begroan, docq,
3: respondent, letter-map, vendor, proton-rule
4: insulate, propane,
5: mistreat,
6: Templar, nuclear,
7: uranolites, clangored, cannot, Pamela, 
8: barge,
9: matters, overran, artist / strait / traits, 
10: -
11: Nestorian,
12: Quacer, 
13: resonant, cleaner, tamper, brute / rebut,
14: borne, start,
15: Aapep, Alla,
16: -
17: curie,
18: clique,
19: lancet, recite / reiect, lamp / palm, 
20: operant,
21: baron, agree,
22: airports, coq,
23: -

multi-personal, temporalist, peacetime, power-call, nuclear-rule, preparations, propane, condensate, plumelet, better, insulator, pamella, begroan, letter-maps, respondent, mistreat, vendor, proton-rule, insulate, Aapep, uranolites, Templar, clangored, cannot, tamper, nuclear, matters, barge, overran, strait, resonant, lamp, Nestorian, Quacer, rebut, start, cleaner, clique.



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