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Nostradamus C8 Q09: The bitter debate of the 16thC where N. sides with Protestants.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse has anagrams for Galilee (e l'aigle) and Jerusalem (is Mer Leua) as places as well as Persian (nise par) and Arab (ar Ba) referencing people of the Middle-East and all of this fits to the term Levant Sea that is part of the text of the second line.

The aggregation of these locations and peoples together with those listed in the text suggest that the period is just before the first World War and these descriptions are part of the dating mechanism to identify the people in which his real interest lay. A significantname is given in the anagrams and it involves the family d'Alencon (d'Ancone L'a) whose genitors (t Ongrie S) include Marguerite d'Angouleme, through her grandson, Henry IV of France. Marguerite had married a member of this family but her elderly husband died without leaving any offspring. However the family connection led to the marriage of her daughter to Antoine d'Navarre whose Bourbon- d'Alencon parentage meant the d'Alencon line would hold the throne of France.

The details given above can be seen within the major anagrams which include:

penanted one equal Galilea loc[a]te aquas open
Pendant que l'aigle et le coq a Sauone

non-resistive inventories semi-neutral intervenors note Jerusalem region genitors
Seront vnis Mer Leuant et Ongrie

D'Alencon rename seaplane plan please Qamerun
L'armee a Naples Palerne Marque d'Ancone

remove pensive Persian Arab abhor horrible crier
Rome Venise par Barb horrible crie
While the eagle is united with the cock at Savonna
the Levant Sea and Hungary.
The army at Naples, Palermo, the marches of Ancona
Rome and Venice a great outcry by the Barbarian.
Pendant que l'aigle et le coq a Sauone
Seront vnis Mer Leuant et Ongrie
L'armee a Naples Palerne Marque d'Ancone
Rome Venise par Barb horrible crie
L1: <~uSa oPen end galilee equant locate-q~><~and quantile oPen glee uSa q-locate~><and oPen glee aquas liquate><equant unoPened><Equal Pennated (bilaterally symmetrical) liege>

L2: <ierusaLeM intervenorS gOtten><seMineutraL intervenorS note><inventorS attune Le Mer regiOnS><nuMeraLise gotten rise><~nOtate Mines ventroSe ring rule~><norSe genitOr attune Le Mer><nonreSistive Le Mer attune>inventorieS

L3: <quAdren once real naMe><qaMerun (West African colony of the German Empire : now Cameroon) reName aPpeals dAnce aLone><And once qaMerun rePeals plaN><plaN elaPse><d'Alencon arm Paler Men quare seaplaNe>

L4: <~moRe penSive / Vespine (wasp-like) araB horribler cri~><RemoVe persian Barb relic>
1: non-resistive, inventories, intervenors, semi-neutral, seaplane, gotten, remove,
2: numeralise, aquas,
3: bricoler, cornmeal, unopened, Meraq, move,
4: d'Alencon, Qamerun, abhor,
5: genitors, ventrose, Alencon, notate,
6: inventor, appeals, pensive / vespine,
7: inventors, Ierusalem, genitor, Galilee, Connel, apples, marq,
8: ignores / regions, miners, unreal,
9: -
10: -
11: -
12: canon,
13: marque, attune,
14: quantile, releuant,
15: almoner,
16: liquate, ring,
17: resign / reigns / singer,
18: crier,
19: elapse / please, rename, liege,
20: alone,
21: -
22: horrible, Orlean,
23: -

non-resistive, inventories, semi-neutral, intervenors, remove, gotten, seaplane, numeralise, bricoler, cornmeal, unopened, d'Alencon, genitors, abhor, Qamerun, rename, notate, inventor, appeals, pensive, Ierusalem, ignores, Galilee, miners, unreal, almoner, attune, quantile, ring, please, horrible, liege, alone.



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