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Nostradamus C8 Q17: Atomic waste befouls cities of the Nile Delta.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This verse details the impact of fumes (m feu ſ) released from sediment (de mis en t) off the coast of Egypt. Its impact is linked to the remains of Ossirian cities (is Cite - marineS - aiſiron), where Osiris, the risen God of the Dead, was worshipped.

Osiris and the Osirian faith:

The whole cycle of Osirian deities is thus to be found within the confines of a small tract of the [Nile] Delta.
Wherever his worship extended his temple rose by the side of his tomb like the temples attached to the Pyramids.......he was a dead god, and it was to a dead god consequently that the offering was made and the priest dedicated. It was at Abydos in Upper Egypt, however, that his fame was greatest. Abydos was the sepulchral temple of Osiris attached to the city of This, and This was not only the seat of a powerful kingdom, which probably succeeded that of Nekhen, but the birthplace of Menes, the founder of the united monarchy.

The anagrams that lay the groundwork for this analysis include:

busiest demonists dissembles sensible mindsets modernist baseline indorsement
Les bien aiſez ſubit ſeront deſmis

proletaries unreportable stories refers routines paler blue
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble

semicontinent omninescient metrician Osirian armistice reanimates cities incitements
Cite marine ſaiſiront ennemis

befouled aim fuse pang deepest amou[n]ts
Faim feu ſang peſte et de to maux le double.
Those at ease will suddenly be cast down,
the world put into trouble by three brothers;
their enemies will seize the marine city,
hunger, fire, blood, plague, all evils doubled.
Les bien aiſez ſubit ſeront deſmis
Par les trois freres le monde mis en trouble
Cite marine ſaiſiront ennemis
Faim feu ſang peſte et de to maux le double.

Adjacent Anagrams plus Anagrams of highest merit. ( ~ means full line used)
Selection Order based on letter rarity, word and sequence length plus line completion

L1: <~buSieSt moderniSt a sensibLe Size><~buSieSt moderniSt baseLine Size~><diSsembLes torn><bit norSe uSez> <Subsize beLies a demoniSts riteS ><busi mindSets Store beLies Size> <~uS tribeS not miSsed baseLine Size~>

L2: <Paler stories refer our solemn sediment><unrePortable demonism loiters><demon routines> <forestries solemner demise><solemn demise refers Proletaries><Pourable indorsements><Paler sefirots> rePeal

L3: <~oSirianS Cities ten men remain><ten semitiC oSirian men><~omnisCient (absoloutely ignorant) iriS reanimateS~><oSirianS inCitements remain><~Cites eminent oSirian remainS~><~eminenent iron armistiCe iS Sane~><semiContinent in iriS Sea>matriCes airtime inSertion metriCian raiment

L4: <beFouled aim fuSe lux pang><uxa aim led to pang fumeS befoul><BodeFul aim fuse> ><double x autometed>tested
1: semicontinent, omninescient, unreportable, incitements, dissembles, demonists, armistice, outmated, befouled, bodeful, sensible, fibulae, Osirian, 
2: indorsement, proletaries, modernists, metrician, forestries, reanimates, insertion, demonism, matrices, semitic, assize, fumes, sizes, 
3: pourable, sediment, baseline, cities, 
4: modernist, mindset, eminent, 
5: matrice, ferries, fable, uzes / suez / Zeus, 
6: entrouble, sefirots, belies, 
7: Minster, 
8: airtime, missed, demise, 
9: Erasmien, size, 
10: busiest, double, mined, 
11: routines, tribes, fume, Iris, 
12: detest / tested, 
13: pangs, 
14: smiles, unsafe, 
15: bites, 
16: bits, 
17: raiment, 
18: plaster / psalter, 
19: marines / remains, 
20: fires, 
21: rouble, 
22: prelates, bless, atom, 
23: trouble. 

omninescient, unreportable, semicontinent, incitements, dissembles, demonists, armistice, befouled, sensible, Osirian, cities, baseline, indorsement, metrician, reanimates, proletaries, demonism, forestries, semitic, insertion, modernist, mindset, eminent, Zeus, fable, entrouble, sefirots, belies, busiest, tribes, demise, Iris, routines, mined, double, size, unsafe, smiles, tested, fires, atom, sediment, pourable, fumes.


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