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Nostradamus C8 Q18: The new Mary dies in giving birth to the Jesus clone.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

The story-line of this verse is that of world events and they are, by perverse intent, reflections of the Jesus birth and death.

The major anagrams providing the structure include:

Sea cremators reactors use folder Russia issued Jesus
De Flora iſſue de ſa mort ſera cauſe

every event unstamped part rejuvenates Jesu event libel every buyer
Vn temps deuant par jeuſne et vieille bueyre

rotten pellet USA use several stories sully yourself
Var les trois lys luy feront telle pauſe

profaners prayers suit awe each chimera come eery war-crime recur
Par ſon fruit ſauue comme chair crue mueyre
The cause of her death will be issued from Florence
one time before drunk by young and old;
by the three lilies they will give her a great pause
Save through her offspring as raw meat is dampened
De Flora iſſue de ſa mort ſera cauſe
Vn temps deuant par jeuſne et vieille bueyre
Var les trois lys luy feront telle pauſe
Par ſon fruit ſauue comme chair crue mueyre
L1: <ruSSia causeD rareSt / arreSt Seed Floe><~uSa Fore-lead iSSued Same reactorS / creatorS~><~tremorS iSSued cauSe a Sea reFold~>< SaDucee era uSed SeaStorm Foresail><uSa crematorS Feed ieSuS aS oral><Same ForeSail uSed cauSeD arreSt>

L2: <jeSu event part><buyer unstamped eVent><rejuvenates><eery ebullitive (sudden boiling) unstamped eVent ensue><juneS part><eVery ebullitive Seen>despumate (clear scum) libel

L3: <sully (Henry IV treasurer OR 'to stain') stories reValues a pellet> <not tell traVels / Varlets (rogues / servants) use ape><yourself reVeals /several sly trios / riots>

L4: <no PrayerS><Suit a ProfanerS><eery uuarcrime><uuaitS hermaic / chimera (illusory desire) cure come><mercury-Puree arson fruits>recur
1: Mercury-puree, rejuvenates, uuarcrime, profaners, yourself, travels / varlets, uuaits, sully, every,
2: unstamped, platelet, forelead, fruits, refold, buyer,
3: cremators, travelers, foresail, creators / reactors, despume, valuers, prayers,
4: despumate, profanes, Chimera / Hermaic, aduises, prayer, Russia, Junes, sauve,
5: issued,
6: revalues, fruit, reveal, 
8: pellet,
9: tremors, uuaste, save, Jera,
10: caused,
11: sailor, events, repay, eery (2x in this verse),
12: caesura, reveals / several, Caesar,
13: -
14: -
15: -
16: dupes, 
17: Iesus / issue, feeds, fled,
18: fleed, Pelle, recur,
19: Jeus, Jesu,
20: -
21: amos,
22: chair, libel,
23: floe.

cremators, rejuvenates, warcrime, yourself, unstamped, waits, sully, every, travelers, prayers, varlets, profaners, refold, creators eery, events, caused, Caesar, waste, Jesus, fruits, sailor, save, despumate, pellet, Russia, buyer, issued, foresail, several, chimera, recur.



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