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Nostradamus C8 Q19: A gaseous debacle impacting on Fort Marseille.
Copyright: Allan Webber, December 2015

This is a peculiar verse that has an internal message with some consistency but the manner in which this ties to the text and the themes of the other prophecies remains obscure. It is probable from its use of anagrammatic terms such as Marseille fort (ort f - amille ſer) and blue sea (uble - e Aſ) that it refers to events surrounding the building of the fort on the Isle of If, a place that was very prominent in Nostradamus' youth because of the rhinocerus that was temporarily housed on the island. It was this beast that lured Francis I to journey here at which time he envisaged it as a potential fort. The island is the smallest of three that form a triangle a few kilometres west of Marseille.

 The anagrams that may lay the groundwork for a fuller analysisof this verse include:

subrelations garland triangle altering route capped as Pape blue sea bounties
A ſoubſtenir la grand cappe troublee

preconsult liar relics rogues scream reach throne
Pour l'eſclaircir les rouges marcheront

Parques casque debacle deem format smellier Fort Marseille
De mort famille ſera preſque accablee

rogues legers gaseous usage Rosemonts morose roles
Les rouges rouges le rouge aſſomeront
To support the great troubled Cappe;
the reds will march in order to clarify it;
a family will be almost overcome by death,
the red, red ones will knock down the red one.
A ſoubſtenir la grand cappe troublee
Pour l'eſclaircir les rouges marcheront
De mort famille ſera preſque accablee
Les rouges rouges le rouge aſſomeront
L1: <tribuneS garland><blue SeA cap grand Subrelation><trouble capped SeA bountieS><blue SeA grail Subtone><inSert graal><blue SeA garland cap petro bountieS> triangle / alerting / altering / relating entrailS

L2: <air relics arm rogue cellS><cir-cularise roles><~marches Proton ruleS rogues lair c-ircles ~><games relics our lair cloSure><throne scream rogues> <charmers / marchers not rogues><PreconSult lair chore>

L3: <Seer ill format Deem parqueS (French fates) able><marSeille fort quaceS Deem Spare cable><abc casQue><elSe rapers quacce><format marSeille>a quaereS ill format cc (200) bleed>

L4: <rogues roLes not more gaSeus><rogue meSotrons / roSemonts uSage roLes surge><~rogues' rogues Lent more gaSeouS roles~>
1: subrelation,
2: preconsult, subtones, smellier, debacle, gaseous, recalls, morose,
3: mesotrons, cells, abc,
4: turbines / tribunes, subtone, capped,
5: triangles, bounties, charms, useable, 
6: charmers / marchers,
7: -
8: Montrose / Rosemont, games, gems,
9: Marseille, altering / alerting / relating / triangle, marches, demoter, bouts, Salic,
10: casque, tubes,
11: usages, gores / ogres,
12: creams / scream,
13: realign, throne, relics, glues, heron, bleed, Moses,
14: closure, reliant, grail, bust,
15: entrails / latrines,
16: charmer / marcher, proton,
17: mill, 
18: quaeres, liner,
19: Parques, fart,
20: gases / sages,
21: rouble, resell, seller,
22: -
23: trouble, linear, relose, relic.

subrelation, preconsult, subtones, smellier, gaseous, debacle, recalls, Rosemonts, morose, games, tribunes, capped, triangles, bounties, altering, Marseille fort, cells, charms, Salic, usages, marchers, bouts, realign, ogres, throne, Moses, relics, bleed, grail, reliant, proton, mill, closure, Parques, scream, quaeres, entrails, relose, fart, gases.



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